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Las Vegas' Golden Nugget not taking any action on the Warriors-Rocket series

05.15.2018     09:14 AM     Printer Friendly
Billionaire Tilman Fertitta owns the Houston Rockets and also Golden Nugget Casino. Owning stake in a casino and professional sports franchise can be considered an obvious conflict of interest. As a result, the Golden Nugget has decided to pay out any Western Conference futures wagers on the Golden State Warriors. Bettors are also unable to wager on any individual games.

"We've already graded [the Warriors] a winner," Golden Nugget sportsbook manager Aaron Kessler said. "Bring your ticket and you'll get paid."



Tags: NBA Las Vegas Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets

Las Vegas sportsbook tries to weasel out of paying out prop bet

05.04.2018     08:52 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
This one is both confusing and alarming. Las Vegas' William Hill offered a prop bet on where different quarterbacks would be drafted. One featured a spread between Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson. It was 7.5 spots meaning Mayfield, who went first overall, easily won over Jackson who went 32nd. Yet a for reasons that are never really explained, William Hill initially didn't pay out on the winning tickets and tried to offer a refund. To us, it sounds like a case of a sportsbook hanging a bad line and bettors pouncing on it. Why it went so far that ESPN reported on it and the Gaming Control Board got involved looks pretty poorly on William Hill who has already built a reputation of not being sharp bettor friendly.

"Of course, in any case, any problem regarding the grading of a ticket not resolved to the satisfaction of both of the bettor and sports book operator, is handled as a dispute case. Bettors should always bring grading concerns to the attention of the sports book operator first. If the book is not able to resolve the issue, then the licensee is obligated to let the patron know they can contact the (gaming control) Board to investigate the matter. If there is a disputed amount and it is $500 or more, the licensee must notify the Board."

Tags: NFL Las Vegas

NFL Gambling Update: Baker Mayfield now betting favorite to be top draft pick

04.26.2018     10:26 AM     Printer Friendly

Despite multiple reports that the Cleveland Browns were far from locked in to Sam Darnold as the first pick, Darnold was priced as high as a -250 favorite as recently as yesterday. But the betting markets have finally changed their tune; no doubt aided by articles like this one on the front page of ESPN. Baker Mayfield, who was around +500 to be the top pick, is now the favorite at -180 according to 5Dimes. 

NFL Gambling: USC's Darnold the betting favorite to be top draft pick

04.18.2018     09:00 AM     View Original Read more

Tags: NFL

Pretty much everyone but the leagues knows sports betting "integrity fee" isn't going to fly

04.26.2018     09:00 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
So that "integrity fee" you keep hearing about with regards to the impending legalization of sports betting in the United States. Yeah, it ain't gonna work.

The leagues initially were seeking a 1 percent cut of the action, which Drazin calls "absurd,'' noting that it actually would be 20 percent because the sports book typically only takes 5 percent.

"We're going to win the case. We're very confident,'' Drazin said. "l can't say which of the two ways will be the court's decision.

"We have to reach out to legislators and have discussions on this. We believe, and when I say we, I mean almost everyone we talk to, including the Senate president, don't think the leagues deserve and integrity fee, and frankly, it's unacceptable.''

NFL Gambling: Browns considering Baker Mayfield as the first pick

04.24.2018     09:39 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The Cleveland Browns are almost assuredly going to take quarterback with the first pick of Thursday's draft. The favorite is currently USC's Sam Darnold who is currently -210 at 5Dimes. But a report came out today that Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield was also on the Browns' radar. Mayfield is priced at +550.

 "The only thing I care about is, do guys win?" Dorsey said. "Does he have accuracy? Does he have a strong arm? Can he throw the ball in the red zone in tight windows? Can he drive the ball? At the end of the game, does he win? That's what I look for."

If Browns general manager John Dorsey is telling the truth, they may in fact draft Mayfield over Darnold. Check out the stats...

Does he win? (Record as starter)
Mayfield: 39-9, .812
Darnold: 21-6, .777

Does he have accuracy? (Career completion %)
Mayfield: 68.5%
Darnod: 64.9%

Does he have a strong arm (Draft combine velocity)
Mayfield: 59 (left), 60 (right) (2nd to Wyoming's Josh Read more

Tags: NFL Cleveland Browns

NFL Gambling News: Las Vegas' Westgate SuperBook posts Week 1 sides and totals

04.20.2018     12:59 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Holy shit! Week 1 lines are up at Las Vegas' Westgate SuperBook.

Atlanta at Philadelphia -3.5 O/U 47.5
Pittsburgh -7 at Cleveland O/U 48
San Francisco at Minnesota -4.5 O/U 47.5
Cincinnati at Indianapolis -1 O/U 47.5
Buffalo at Baltimore -3.5 O/U 42
Jacksonville -4 at NY Giants O/U 44.5
Tampa Bay at New Orleans -7.5 O/U 52.5
Houston at New England -7 O/U 51
Tennessee -2.5 at Miami O/U 47
Kansas City at LA Chargers -3 O/U 48.5
Seattle at Denver -2.5 O/U 42
Dallas at Carolina -2.5 O/U 42
Washington at Arizona -1 O/U 45
Chicago at Green Bay -9 O/U 48.5
NY Jets at Detroit -6 O/U 48.5
LA Rams -1.5 at Oakland O/U 49.5

Tags: NFL Las Vegas

NFL Gambling: USC's Darnold the betting favorite to be top draft pick

04.18.2018     09:00 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The NFL Draft is next week meaning various sportsbooks are offering prop bets. The Cleveland Browns have the first pick and are expected to select USC's Sam Darnold who is a -170 favorite according to 5Dimes. Wyoming's Josh Allen is the second betting choice at +125 followed by Penn State's Saquon Barkley at +750. 

Tags: NFL College Football USC Trojans

PGA says it's down with legalized sports betting

04.04.2018     09:00 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
While the NFL remains leery of everything it can't control, the PGA recently joined forces with pro-legalized sports betting leagues, MLB and the NBA. The only problem is the proposed "integrity fee" which everyone but the leagues says has no chance of working.

The PGA TOUR supports the regulation of sports betting in a safe and responsible manner. We believe regulation is the most effective way of ensuring integrity in competition, protecting consumers, engaging fans and generating revenue for government, operators and leagues. We are aligned with the NBA and MLB in this area, and we are looking for ways to collaborate with legislators, regulators, operators and others in the industry on regulation that serves the interests of all involved.


Even the prospects of increased revenue can't soften NFL's archaic stance toward sports betting

04.04.2018     08:47 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Article from ESPN Chalk on the discussion of the Oakland Raiders' move to Las Vegas and sports betting. The findings were just as we suspected: The NFL remains "worried" despite multiple well-researched reports indicating there is absolutely no reason to be concerned about the "integrity of the game."

Last week at an NFL owners meeting in Orlando, Florida, the league presented an analysis on the potential impact of sports betting legalization. The findings reportedly came from a study that had been in the works for more than a year and kept under wraps. One source familiar with the league's analysis said it was focused on revenue opportunities, integrity issues and fan reaction, if sports betting becomes legal outside of Nevada.

The NFL said it was unaware of the report that UNLV had produced for the Raiders and declined to comment for this story.


Tags: NFL Oakland Raiders Las Vegas

Super Bowl LII Gambling: Nevada sportsbooks scratch out small profit

02.06.2018     09:31 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Chart of the profits Nevada sportsbooks have pulled in from the Super Bowl dating back to 1995. Over the last 24 years a total of over $2.2 billion has been wagered on the Super Bowl in the state of Nevada. During that span, the books have won over $157 million. Results courtesy of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Nevada Sportsbook Super Bowl Profits 1995-2018
Net Profit
Philadelphia 41, New England 33
New England 34, Atlanta 28
Denver 24, Carolina 10
New England 28, Seattle 24
Seattle 43, Denver 8
Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31
NY Giants 21, New England 17
Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25
New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17
Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23
NY Giants 17, New England 14
Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10
New Engand 24, Philadelphia 21
New England 32, Carolina 29
Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21
New England 20, St. Louis 17
Baltimore 34, NY Giants 7
St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16
Denver 34, Atlanta 19
Denver 31, Green Bay 24
Green Bay 35, New England 21
Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17
San Francisco 49, San Diego 26

Tags: NFL Super Bowl LII New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles Las Vegas


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