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NFL Gambling News: League reaches settlement with Las Vegas charity event

06.21.2017     07:41 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The NFL has a long history of getting pissy any time its name get associated with a casino. Back in 2015, a kids charity event was put together with various players in attendance. The venue happen to be the bowling alley at Las Vegas' Sunset Station. The NFL nixed it but the charity wasn't about to be bullied and turned right around and sued the league. It looks as if the NFL waved the white flag as it recently reached a settlement with the charity.

“There's only one person that can tell us what's the difference between the non-approved venue and the approved venue (Goodell),” Pettit told a federal magistrate judge last month. “And he's this Oz behind the curtain, this person that the NFL will not allow us to talk to. And everyone points their finger at him, saying he's the only one that can make that determination.”

Tags: NFL

MLB Handicapper Free Betting Pick: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves

06.08.2017     08:49 AM     Andrew Lange     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Andrew Lange blog entry.
Philadelphia (Lively) at Atlanta (Dickey) -120 O/U 9.5
Recommendation: Over

When FanGraphs published Philadelphia's "Top 33" prospects prior to the season, Ben Lively was listed under "other prospects of note." Lively has had some success at the Minor League level but the consensus is that he'll have trouble against MLB hitters. In his debut, he allowed only 1 run over 7 innings against San Francisco. He didn't fan a single batter however and had only five swinging strikes. All signs point towards Lively's ceiling being that of a lower-tier NL starter. RA Dickey's long career lookings to be coming to an end. Despite the switch back to the National League, Dickey's K rate is down over 2 per 9 innings (4.41) while his walk rate is a career-worst 4.68. And those numbers get even worse when you look at recent outings (L4 starts, 22.2 IP, 31 hits, 16 BBs, 10 Ks, 6.75 ERA). The Braves won six of his 11 starts but needed to score 4, 7, 9, 7, 6, and 6 runs to do so. And both bullpens grade out as below average, especially Philadelphia's that chose to use a position player in last night's 14-1 loss. The MLB betting markets have undergone a Read more

Tags: MLB Philadelphia Phillies Atlanta Braves Andrew Lange

MLB and NBA Finals Sports Betting Podcast 6-2-2017 with Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno

06.02.2017     10:07 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Friday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno. Rob and host Andrew Lange talked tonight's MLB card as well Sunday's NBA Finals Game 2.

Today's segments
Rob Veno - MLB and NBA Finals

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: MLB NBA Rob Veno Andrew Lange

MLB Gambling Update: Baltimore's Tillman gets torched again

05.31.2017     09:58 AM     Printer Friendly

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 4. Baltimore hosts Boston.

“Chris wasn’t very crisp and just didn’t pitch very well,” Showalter said. “Today, he just never seemed to take it to another level and find his way. A lot of times I can see in the first inning or two he's a pitch away and then he gets in step — like a lot of pitchers, not just him.

“Today, it was pretty obvious to me that he wasn't going to be able to find that step. He was really struggling to find tempo and a consistent release point. You look back through where he was trying to throw the ball. There weren't many pitches executed on his part. He knows that.”

MLB Handicapping: Red flags abound for Baltimore's Chris Read more

Tags: MLB Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox

MLB Handicapping: Red flags abound for Baltimore's Chris Tillman

05.30.2017     08:04 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Remember last season when Baltimore's Chris Tillman mysteriously started throwing 93-94 mph and somehow entered June with a sub-3.00 ERA? By late season, Tillman's spike in velocity was gone and so was most of his effectiveness (5.44 ERA over L9 starts). He began 2017 on the DL with a shoulder injury and has been very hittable (30% line drive rate) since his return despite not allowing a home run over 20.1 innings. More importantly, Tillman's velocity continues to drop. He has managed to increase his groundball rate but there are simply too many indications that point towards even more struggles moving forward. Tillman has never been all that respected by the betting markets and if tonight's line move on the Yankees (-125 to -135) is any indication, bettors already appear Read more

Tags: MLB Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees

MLB Handicapper Free Betting Pick: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays

05.19.2017     12:01 PM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
New York (Severino) -127 at Tampa Bay (Ramirez) O/U 8
Recommendation: New York

The Yankees red hot lineup got cooled off by Danny Duffy last night, but I’m not expecting any sort of longer term decline. A squad that leads the majors with 17 games this season in which they’ve produced seven runs or more is live to do it again tonight in Tampa against Rays spot starter Erasmo Ramirez. This is a lineup worthy of support following a loss in which they got shut down completely; 8-2 in their last ten games on the highway.

And the Yanks are catching Tampa in a ‘fat and happy’ spot, returning home off their first winning road trip in nearly a year. The Rays just hit ten home runs in Cleveland in their three game series, now returning home to the Trop where the ball just doesn’t carry as well as it does in most other ballparks. This Rays lineup is not primed to batter Luis Severino and the elite Yankees bullpen behind him.

Severino’s advanced metric stats are truly stellar. His xFIP is sitting at 2.87, nearly a full run lower than his ERA. Severino has an excellent 50% ground ball rate and Read more

Tags: MLB New York Yankees Tampa Bay Teddy Covers

NBA Playoff Betting News: Golden State rewards in-game bettors with huge Game 1 comeback

05.15.2017     09:30 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
By now you've heard of the Kawhi Leonard ankle injury and subsequent San Antonio Spurs meltdown in Sunday's Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The Spurs did managed to cover the closing pointspread of +10 but it was the in-game line that made for a few big underdog tickets being cashed. According to Pinnacle's in-game line history, Golden State peaked at +14 and just north of +500. The Spurs led by as much as 25 points in the second quarter and 20 at halftime. Leonard went down in the third quarter and, well, you know the rest. 

Tags: NBA Golden State Warriors San Antonio Spurs

Billy Walters insider trading case unveils secret phone and hookers

05.08.2017     07:49 AM     Printer Friendly

The Billy Walters insider trading case just keeps getting better. Now we have a "bat phone" that was used to "secure prostitutes."

"Even though the government knew or should have known that Mr. Davis' testimony about using the bat phone between May and October 2012 was false — because he could not have received it until after that period — the government nonetheless elicited Mr. Davis' perjurious testimony on direct examination," the lawyers said.

They said the government "embraced the false testimony, aggressively defended it, misleadingly bolstered it, and thereby obtained a conviction that should not stand."

Billy Walters gets drilled for insider Read more

Tags: Billy Walters

MLB Handicapping: Atlanta's SunTrust Park giving up the long ball

05.03.2017     09:19 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The sample size is small but Atlanta's new SunTrust Park appears to be playing smaller than Turner Field. With 23 home runs hit in only nine games the park's AB/HR ratio (25.9) is significantly lower than previous years. Games are averaging 9.8 runs though only five of the nine contests went over the total.

Mark Bowman
AB/HR ratios at Turner Field and @SunTrustPark
2010 40.3
2011 38.2
2012 39.5
2013 36.5
2014 42.1
2015 47.9
2016 44.4
2017 (9 G at STP) 25.9

Tags: MLB Atlanta Braves

NFL Gambling News: Roger Goodell still a total goon

04.28.2017     09:35 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Man, Roger Goodell is such a buzzkill. Everything he says is 100 percent geared towards shooting down concepts of change, progression, logic, and fun. Here we have him saying the NFL remains "opposed" to legalized sports betting. He later claims pot is addictive and bad for players even though [insert a ridiculous amount of the league] needs dangerous levels of pain medication to take the field every Sunday. 

Tags: NFL


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