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NBA Playoff Betting: Sportsbooks adjust series prices following Game 1's

04.18.2016     08:55 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
With sizable series favorites Golden State, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, and San Antonio all winning their respective Game 1's, most sportsbooks aren't offering an adjust series price. Here's a the remaining prices following Game 1.

(7) Indiana vs. (2) Toronto
CRIS Opener: Toronto -300
Game 1 Result: Indiana Win 100-90
CRIS Adjusted: Toronto -160

(5) Boston vs. (4) Atlanta
CRIS Opener: Atlanta -170
Game 1 Result: Atlanta Win 102-101
CRIS Adjusted: Atlanta -360

(6) Charlotte) vs. (3) Miami
CRIS Opener: Miami -145
Game 1 Result: Miami Win 123-91
CRIS Adjusted: Miami -340

(5) Portland vs. (4) Los Angeles
CRIS Opener: Los Angeles -310
Game 1 Result: Los Angeles Win 115-95
CRIS Adjusted: Los Angeles -900

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NBA Gambling Alert: Golden State's Curry still questionable for Game 2

04.18.2016     08:45 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Still no word on Stephen Curry's (ankle) official status for tonight's Game 2 matchup vs. Houston. Despite this, the Warriors have taken money (-12.5 to -13.5) but the total was bet down from 221.5 to 218.

Here's Curry's quote from Saturday:

“Right now I don't see a scenario where I'll be out,” said Curry, who turned his right ankle in the second quarter of a Game 1 win over the Rockets (104-78) at Oracle Arena on Saturday. “Obviously, if it's not right and at risk of further injury or whatnot, that's the only thing that I think we have to worry about. Pain tolerance and all that stuff, I kind of know what I can deal with on the court, but you don't want anything more serious to happen favoring an ankle or whatnot. So that's what we'll pay attention to the next few days.”

Tags: NBA Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets

NBA Playoff Handicapping: Heavy adjustments made on Game 2 totals

04.18.2016     07:41 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Recap of the totals market for Game 1 and the adjustments made for Game 2. Of the eight Game 1's, two went over, five went under, and one pushed based on CRIS's closing numbers.

Eastern Conference
(8) Detroit vs. (1) Cleveland
CRIS Game 1 Opener: 201.5
CRIS Game 2 Closer: 200.5
Game 1 Final Score: 207 - OVER
CRIS Game 2 Opener: 202
CRIS Game 2 Current: 201

(7) Indiana vs. (2) Toronto
CRIS Game 1 Opener: 196
CRIS Game 2 Closer: 195
Game 1 Final Score: 190 - UNDER
CRIS Game 2 Opener: 193
CRIS Game 2 Current: 194.5

(6) Charlotte vs. (3) Miami
CRIS Game 1 Opener: 202.5
CRIS Game 2 Closer: 198.5
Game 1 Final Score: 214 - OVER
CRIS Game 2 Opener: 203
CRIS Game 2 Current: 200.5

(5) Boston vs. (4) Atlanta
CRIS Game 1 Opener: 204.5
CRIS Game 2 Closer: 206.5
Game 1 Final Score: 203 - UNDER
CRIS Game 2 Opener: 205
CRIS Game 2 Current: 205.5

Western Conference
(8) Houston vs. (1) Golden State
CRIS Game 1 Opener: 225
CRIS Game 2 Closer: Read more

Tags: NBA

NBA Handicapper Free Betting Pick: Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks

04.16.2016     07:26 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
Boston +5.5 at Atlanta O/U 204.5
Recommendation: Boston

Something pretty remarkable happened on Wednesday Night, in Game 82 of the regular season.  It got overshadowed by Kobe Bryant’s 60-point outing in his final career game, leading the Lakers to a last minute come-from-behind win over Utah.  It got overshadowed by the Warriors winning #73, finishing with the best regular season record in NBA history.  But make no mistake about it – it was meaningful!

The Boston Celtics defense stunk for a good portion of the last two months.  Since the All Star Break, Boston’s D has gone from allowing 99.6 points per 100 possessions up to 104.7 pp/100.  Over their previous eight games, they ranked #19 in the NBA, allowing more than 106 pp/100.  In the first half of Game #82 against Miami, the Celtics defense got lit up once again.  Miami led 62-38 at halftime, on their way to an easy blowout win over Boston.

But something funny happened on the way to that easy win – the Celtics started playing defense at a level we haven’t seen from them for months.  The Heat hit their first Read more

Tags: NBA Boston Celtics Atlanta Hawks Teddy Covers

Sports Betting Podcast 4-15-2016 with Sportsmemo Handicappers Rob Veno and Erin Rynning

04.15.2016     01:43 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Friday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Rob Veno and Erin Rynning. Rob and host Andrew Lange discussed tonight's MLB games while ER previewed the first round matchups of the NBA Playoffs.

Today's segments
Full Show

Rob Veno - MLB

Erin Rynning - NBA Playoffs Preview

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: MLB NBA Rob Veno Erin Rynning Andrew Lange

NBA Playoff Handicapping: First Round Pointspreads vs. Power Ratings

04.15.2016     07:00 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Let's take a look at where the market is headed with all eight first round matchups as well as where the numbers sit compared to Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno's Power Ratings.

Eastern Conference
(8) Detroit vs. (1) Cleveland (Sunday, Noon PT)
CRIS Opener: Cleveland -10 O/U 201.5
CRIS Current: Cleveland -10.5 O/U 201
Veno Power: Cleveland -8.5

(7) Indiana vs. (2) Toronto (Saturday, 9:35 am PT)
CRIS Opener: Toronto -6 O/U 196
CRIS Current: Toronto -6 O/U 6.5
Veno Power: Toronto -6

(6) Charlotte vs. (3) Miami (Sunday, 2:30 pm PT)
CRIS Opener: Miami -4.5 O/U 202.5
CRIS Current: Miami -4.5 O/U 201.5
Veno Power: Miami -4

(5) Boston vs. (4) Atlanta (Saturday, 4 pm PT)
CRIS Opener: Atlanta -4.5 O/U 204.5
CRIS Current: Atlanta -5 O/U 204.5
Veno Power: Atlanta -3.5

Western Conference
(8) Houston vs. (1) Golden State (Saturday, 12:30 pm PT)
CRIS Opener: Golden State -12.5 O/U 225
CRIS Current: Golden State -13.5 O/U 225
Veno Power: Golden State -11.5

(7) Read more

Tags: NBA

NBA Playoff Handicapping: First Round Series Prices

04.15.2016     06:48 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Quick look at the first round series prices and market moves for the NBA Playoffs.

Eastern Conference
(8) Detroit vs. (1) Cleveland
CRIS Opener: Cleveland -4000
CRIS Current: Cleveland -1800

(7) Indiana vs. (2) Toronto
CRIS Opener: Toronto -300
CRIS Current: Toronto -375

(6) Charlotte vs. (3) Miami
CRIS Opener: Miami -145
CRIS Current: Miami -145

(5) Boston vs. (4) Atlanta
CRIS Opener: Atlanta -170
CRIS Current: Atlanta -160

Western Conference
(8) Houston vs. (1) Golden State
CRIS Opener: Golden State -9000
CRIS Current: Golden State -9000

(7) Memphis vs. (2) San Antonio
CRIS Opener: San Antonio -10000
CRIS Current: San Antonio -11000

(6) Dallas vs. (3) Oklahoma City
CRIS Opener: Oklahoma City -5000
CRIS Current: Oklahoma City -2650

(5) Portland vs. (4) LA Clippers
CRIS Opener: Los Angeles -310
CRIS Current: Los Angeles -365

Tags: NBA

NBA Gambing: Golden State Warriors lined at 5.5 losses this postseason

04.14.2016     08:04 AM     Printer Friendly
Prop bet courtesy of Las Vegas' Southpoint Sportsbook on how many games the Golden State Warriors will lose this postseason (5.5un-130 O/U). En route to last year's title, the Warriors went 16-5 SU and 11-10 ATS.



Tags: NBA Golden State Warriors

NBA Handicapping: Memphis wants to make a game of it vs. Golden State

04.13.2016     08:43 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
You wouldn't know it by the pointspread, but the Memphis Grizzlies are going to give it a go tonight against the Golden State Warriors. The Grizzlies have been in free-fall (1-9 run) thanks to a slew of injuries. Meanwhile, the Warriors obviously have something to play for with the NBA's all-time regular season wins record at stake. And the betting markets think they'll get it with ease as the line jumped from -16 to -19.

"It's for history, baby," Joerger said. "We're going to give it our best shot."

"Yeah, the emotional tank is a little bit empty right now," Joerger said.

"You also know that sitting out there 24 hours you've got a chance to be the answer on every Trivial Pursuit card for the next 75 years. We'll see what we're going to do with that tomorrow."

Tags: NBA Memphis Grizzlies Golden State Warriors

NBA Handicapping: Dallas earns playoff berth, Houston knocking on the door

04.12.2016     07:01 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The NBA regular season concludes on Wednesday. A few things were determined last night like Cleveland notching the top seed in the Eastern Conference and thus Toronto now locked into the second seed. The spots for the third through sixth seeds are still TBD. Indiana is in position for the seventh seed while Detroit looks likely it will be facing the Cavs in the first round.

The top four seeds in the Western Conference have been filled: Golden State, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles Clippers. The remainder of the West is hazy. Portland, Memphis, and Dallas are in but could finish a number of ways. And with Utah losing to the Mavs, Houston now has the inside track on the eighth seed -- assuming the Rockets can beat Sacramento's corpse on Wednesday. If they lose and Utah beats the Lakers, the Jazz get in.

Tags: NBA


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