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Bank robber stinks at gambling, forced to turn self in after going bust

11.17.2011     02:58 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Let's assume for a second you manage to pull off a bank heist. Better yet, how about two in five days? You would probably consider yourself very fortunate and want to ensure that your "earnings" would last so you wouldn't have to tempt fate with yet another bank robbery. Meet New Hampshire resident Timothy Burke (pictured left), who by all accounts is a solid game planner. He robbed a bank (the same one) twice in five days – albeit for a modest $6K payday. Following his accomplishments, Mr. Burke took a bus (isn’t Atlantic City much closer?) to Las Vegas where as you probably already suspected, proceeded to gamble all of said earnings away. Broke and on the lam, Burke decided it best to turn himself into police where he was arraigned for felony armed robbery. He was already out on bail for possession of heroin and pot. Nice.

Tags: Las Vegas

Grantland reviews Las Vegas' Wynn Casino sportsbook

11.16.2011     09:31 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Last week, Grantland did a review on Las Vegas' Caesars sportsbook. Longtime Vegas resident and Sportsmemo Handicapper Teddy Covers offered up his own opinion.

I have the utmost of respect for Todd Fuhrman, Senior Sportsbook Analyst for Caesars -- he's a great guy doing his best to get his corporate overlords to understand the nuances of the sportbook business. But Caesars isn't a market leader, their sportsbook is in the middle of the casino floor (read: loud, busy and smoky). It's certainly an adequate book, not a place I would tell people to stay away from (Flamingo sportsbook, for example), but it's not a Top 5 book in this bettor's opinion.

This week, Grantland takes a look at the Wynn's sportsbook. You can read the review here. Give us your own review in the comment box below.

Tags: Las Vegas Teddy Covers

Las Vegas casino puts up odds on Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

11.07.2011     07:22 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Las Vegas' Station Casino is now offering a betting line on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather matchup – if it takes place by the end of 2012. Oddsmakers list the fight as a pick 'em with a $20K limit. Pacquiao is a -900 favorite for this weekend's bout against Juan Marquez.

"I believe this fight will happen this time, and I believe it will be the biggest bet fight of all time," said Art Manteris, vice president of sports book operations for Station Casinos.

"Two years ago I made Pacquiao a 7 to 5 favorite," Manteris said. "The betting public strongly disagreed, pushing the line all the way to Mayweather 7 to 5. This time I see it as a dead even or "Pick-Em" fight with the opening odds set at -110 for both fighters. The public can bet whoever they want. I’ll gladly take the other guy. Either way, I wind up with one of the best fighters of all time going for me," said Manteris. 

Tags: Las Vegas

Las Vegas sportsbooks will take major hit with no NBA season

11.03.2011     07:41 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
A couple of Las Vegas oddsmakers discuss the financial ramifications of a full season NBA lockout.

"It's a significant portion of our business," Rood says. "If we go without for the season, it's going to be something we're going to have to try and overcome — possibly exploring other options, like expanding some NCAA offerings.

"We're a very big NBA house. It represents 15% of our handle," he says. "We expect about half of that 15% to transfer over to the college (basketball) game and the college football bowl games. We expect very similar results after football (is over) for the first three months of next year, if the lockout were to go on that long.

"We really will feel it once the college basketball season ends in late March, early April, and we don't expect that NBA handle to transfer to hockey or baseball."

Tags: NBA Las Vegas

Lawsuits vs. blogging community backfires for copyright trolling firm

11.03.2011     07:30 AM     Printer Friendly
We'll try to explain this the best we can – no law degrees here at Sportsmemo HQ. Basically, the Las Vegas Review-Journal (or its parent company Stephens Media) doesn't like it when bloggers copy and paste their material. What LVRJ considers to be the exact parameters of copyright infringement is up for debate. You’ve probably already noticed that we don't even bother linking to any LVRJ articles because it isn't worth the hassle. But others have and still do. Earlier this year, one gentleman copied and pasted an entire LVRJ article to use on his sports betting website. RightHaven, who is considered be a "lawsuit factory" and participates in "copyright trolling", took the aforementioned gentlemen to court. The lawsuit however backfired when the judge ruled it was Fair Use. Now Read more

Tags: Las Vegas

Las Vegas sportsbooks continue to get hammered in college football

11.02.2011     06:59 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Article in the LA Times about how hard Las Vegas sportsbooks have been hit throughout the college football season. Some woman from Michigan placed a $15 parlay (took all favorites) and cashed $9,000 the other day at the Hilton. Note that the article has Jay Kornegay saying that favorites are cashing at a 70% clip. Obviously that isn't true as nationwide it is nearly a 50/50 split. The "70%" is likely a nod to the more public teams like Stanford, Alabama and LSU (21-3 ATS combined).

"This sums up our season as bookmakers" in college football, sighed Jay Kornegay, the Hilton's sports book director, after relaying the woman's story.

"We know through experience that eventually it's going to swing the other way" back toward the casinos, Kornegay said. "We just don't know when."

"Stanford has been the big skunk in our woodpile," Kornegay said.

Tags: College Football Las Vegas

Cantor Gaming and The Venetian open brand new sportsbook

11.01.2011     09:08 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The Venetian just announced the opening of its brand new sportsbook. Cantor Gaming gave it a complete overhaul and will provide patrons with its live in-game wagering option.

"We are proud to unveil our new race and sports book," said Lee M. Amaitis, president and chief executive officer of Cantor Gaming. "It's absolutely revolutionary, showcasing a sleek and contemporary sports betting environment and offering patrons the most sophisticated experience on the Strip.  Combining high-end, real-time technology and visual entertainment with a stunning design that includes marble flooring and our signature branding, our book is guaranteed to provide sports fans with the ultimate luxury sports wagering experience."

Tags: Las Vegas

Bettors don't care that Cubs haven't won title since Teddy Roosevelt was in office

11.01.2011     06:31 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Based on the fair amount of betting attention, one would think Theo Epstein threw a 94 mph cutter and hit 48 home runs. Las Vegas gamblers have recently been placing bets buying lotto tickets on the Chicago Cubs (40-1 odds at Hilton) to snap their 103-year World Series-less run.

“The Cubs usually represent about 10-12% of the money wagered in the Future pool,” Rood said.

"Slightly," wrote Jay Rood, Vice President of Race and Sports at the MGM Resorts, in an email. "It might have been 40-1 before."

“I would have to say of the ‘underperforming’ teams, the Cubs are No. 1 at the wagering windows,” Kornegay wrote in an email.

Tags: MLB Chicago Cubs Las Vegas

Las Vegas' South Point Casino hosts Beer Pong World Series

10.27.2011     08:13 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Not doing anything next Wednesday? Why not head down to Las Vegas' South Point Casino and participate in the nationally televised 7th annual Beer Pong World Series. The sponsor? Pabst Blue Ribbon of course. Are there lines on this? We'll get Rob and Teddy to post their power ratings later today.

Tags: Las Vegas

Cantor Gaming releases mobile sports betting app

10.27.2011     06:45 AM     Printer Friendly
Cantor Gaming recently launched a mobile sports betting Android app which will allow users to make bets within the state of Nevada.

“Cantor Gaming's primary goal and focus is to constantly enhance our customers' experience through innovative, superior technology,” said Lee M Amaitis, president and CEO of Cantor Gaming. “Our team has developed an application that is real-time, convenient and enjoyable, while incorporating the most advanced and reliable security.

“Creating a flexible application for the latest generation of on-the-go Nevada-based customers is yet another milestone in Cantor Gaming's unwavering mission to create exciting, real-time experiences for sports gaming enthusiasts.”

Tags: Las Vegas


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