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A behind-the-counter look at Las Vegas sportsbooks during football season

10.24.2011     07:58 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Article from the Las Vegas Sun on some of the swings sportsbooks endure during a typical football weekend. One game in particular that helped the books was San Francisco's parlay crushing victory over Detroit two weeks ago.

“I can’t pinpoint what I do or how I do it. I don’t think anyone can. You can see what’s coming sometimes with the help of experience, feel. You just put the house in the best position to minimize your risk. You’ve got to have luck, too. We’re in the gaming business. The good news is we’ll have another set of games next week.”

“They don’t care what the spreads are. They’re just betting them because the teams are covering the spreads,” Rood said.

Tags: NFL College Football Las Vegas

Nevada Gaming Control Board allows more prop bets for WSOP

10.13.2011     02:01 PM     Printer Friendly
The Nevada Gaming Control Board approved more prop bets for various outcomes in the upcoming World Series of Poker Main Event.

•Who will be the first player to bust out when the field of nine reconvenes?

•Will the current chip leader win the Main Event?

•What poker hand will determine the champion?

•What will be the total number of hands dealt at the final table?

•Will there will be more red cards or black cards on the final table's first flop?

"The propositions will drum up some conversation, but I don't think we'll see much action," Las Vegas Hilton Race and Sports Book Director Jay Kornegay said. "We'll put up the odds as it gets closer to the event. There is a fan base that's growing, but people aren't really used to the idea of betting on poker."

Tags: Las Vegas Poker

Where does your city rank when it comes to luck?

10.13.2011     01:18 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Where does your hometown stack up when it comes to luck? According to Men's Health, San Diego is the luckiest city in American while Charleston, West Virginia is the unluckiest. You are apparently four times more likely to die from a falling object in Charleston rather than San Diego. Las Vegas and Reno were in the top 10 luckiest while pretty much every city in the south susceptible to lightning strikes and crappy lotto odds ranked near the bottom. Baltimore somehow ranked No. 2 behind San Diego; obviously not taking into account the Orioles or unemployment rate. Below are the official criteria.

...the most winners of Powerball, Mega Millions, and Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes; most hole-in-ones (PGA); fewest lightning strikes (including the fatal kind) and deaths from falling objects (Vaisala Inc., National Climatic Data Center, CDC); and least money lost on lottery tickets and race betting (Bureau of Labor Statistics).


Tags: Las Vegas

Update from Lucky's Sportsbook on Kansas City Super Bowl bet

10.12.2011     10:01 AM     Printer Friendly

Dan Shapiro (marketing director at Lucky's) alerted us via twitter that the bet was placed at their book at the Grand Sierra in Reno.

Bettor grabbed 500-1 odds on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl

10.12.2011     08:14 AM     View Original Blog

We missed this one from a few weeks ago. One Las Vegas bettor decided to plunk down $400 (500-to-1 odds) on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. The unidentified gambler made the wager after KC's 0-3 start. Since then, the Chiefs have won two straight though we doubt the boys at Lucky's Read more

Tags: NFL Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas

Bettor grabbed 500-1 odds on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl

10.12.2011     08:14 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
We missed this one from a few weeks ago. One Las Vegas bettor decided to plunk down $400 (500-to-1 odds) on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. The unidentified gambler made the wager after KC's 0-3 start. Since then, the Chiefs have won two straight though we doubt the boys at Lucky's sportsbook will be sweating this one out come January.


None of this dissuaded one brave bettor at a Lucky’s sports book from wagering $400 on Kansas City to win the Super Bowl, according to a company official. The payout? $200,000.

For the math-challenged, that means the gambler received 500-to-1 odds on the future wager. That’s the highest in the league by far — only one other team is more than 250-to-1 — and 10 times what the Chiefs opened at this season.

Tags: NFL Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas

Las Vegas bettors now have a new out when it comes to dining

10.11.2011     03:00 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Holy cow...actually cows would be more appropriate. This technically doesn't have anything to do with sports betting but we felt obligated to post this for our Las Vegas followers. Sin City’s restaurant scene recently welcomed a new member as The Heart Attack Grill opened its doors for business. For starters, astute observers will notice that the establishment is named after America's No. 1 means of death. But that is just the tip of a fatty piece of meat soaked in partially hydrogenated oil. One of HAG's menu staples is the "Quadruple Bypass" burger which is loaded with an estimated 8,000 calories, or the equivalent of roughly 11 Big Macs. And to top it off – with more cheese and fatty condiments – customers who weigh over 350 pounds supposedly eat free! Anyone willing to eat there please email us a full detailed report of your experience, of which we will gladly post in the blog. Don't die on us before you do though. Seriously.

"I make sure all patients are happy, content, well-fed," said nurse Stephanie Williams.

When asked if he feels guilty for providing such unhealthy foods, Dr. Jon said, "I deliver to people on a day to day basis exactly what they want… A few extra calories, and a few extra pounds, but a lot of extra fun."


Tags: Las Vegas

Priest stinks at gambling, takes Las Vegas church for $650K

10.11.2011     11:20 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Giving new meaning to the phrase, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away", a Las Vegas priest was nabbed for stealing $650K from his church in order to fuel his gambling addiction. The good news is, he is “remorseful”, seeks “restitution” and wants to talk about his experience (all eight years of it) to others after the case is resolved. Nice.

Tags: Las Vegas

Two things you could never go wrong with: Beer and a Sportsbook

10.05.2011     12:19 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Second Annual Fall Beer Festival Now On Sale October 14 & 15

Don’t miss the Golden Nugget’s Second Annual Fall Beer Festival featuring two thirst-quenching events. Sample over 125 craft beer selections from 30 breweries at the All American Craft Beer Tasting sponsored by Samuel Adams. On Saturday night we’re throwing an Oktoberfest Pool Party sponsored by Paulaner with a German band, great food, and more than 200 different beers.

Tags: Las Vegas

Casino cheats called out for dice sliding at the Wynn

10.03.2011     12:14 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Who can you trust these days? Certainly not Argentinean craps players. Two gamblers from Argentina are being charged with "dice sliding" at Las Vegas' Wynn Casino. The dynamic duo made off with a reported $700K.

"During the same seven slides in the two hour and 15 minute span, Dabul and/or two unidentified men place bets using Dabul’s chips," the lawsuit said. "Defendants won a total of $145,000 from these seven slides alone."


Tags: Las Vegas

Sports betting kiosks could cause strife with casinos

10.03.2011     07:29 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Editorial from the Las Vegas Sun on the potential pitfalls of sports betting kiosks.

“It’s the same old story of established business trying to regulate away their competition,” says Geoffrey Lawrence, of the libertarian Nevada Policy Research Institute.

Big Gaming surely sees this as a threat on the horizon, and I can imagine narrowed eyes among gaming executives as they consider how to force sports bettors back into the big casinos.

Tags: Las Vegas


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