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Gaming Commission to decide fate of Las Vegas Hilton

12.15.2011     07:28 AM     Printer Friendly

Update on who is going to take over the operations of the financially struggling Las Vegas Hilton – which will be changing its name to LVH (Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) starting in 2012.

Las Vegas Hilton on life support after declines in revenue

08.26.2011     08:31 AM     View Original Blog

The Las Vegas Hilton may be on its way Read more

Tags: Las Vegas

Las Vegas oddsmakers recap NFL Week 14

12.13.2011     12:27 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Las Vegas oddsmakers discuss last week's NFL results. Lucky's had a prop bet on whether or not the Packers would go undefeated. After Sunday's win, they decided to take it down with the last available price -140 on "yes".

"The Green Bay game did all the damage on the day and built a large piece of liability heading into the Giants game," said MGM Resorts sports books director Jay Rood. "When the Falcons came back against the Panthers and the Saints held on to win by 5 over the Titans, that was pretty much the day for us."

"We’d have to make the number too high with only three games to go and it looks too easy now for them," said Vaccaro, "No one is going to stop this team now."

Tags: NFL Las Vegas

Really rich casino exec doesn't like the idea of online gambling

12.07.2011     01:26 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Sheldon Adelson, the 78-year-old CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., says that he is “morally opposed” to online gambling. Adelson's reasoning? Technology isn't sophisticated enough to prevent kids from betting online. This of course is just one man's opinion. That man though happens to be worth over $20 billion and dudes like that tend to have a lot of pull. The rest of the Sands Corp. has yet to offer an official opinion on the matter.

"Sheldon has long had concerns about this issue, and it is perfectly within his right to make this decision," Fahrenkopf said in a statement. "However, the AGA, at the direction of our board of directors, will continue to support federal legislation to allow states to license and regulate online poker." 

Tags: Las Vegas

Antoine Walker ordered to pay back debt to Vegas casinos

12.06.2011     10:59 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Antoine Walker had better start getting in shape because he'll need to play a lot of NBDL games to cover the $770K debt he owes to multiple Las Vegas casinos. 

As part of a deal struck with prosecutors, Walker will have to pay back $770,050 in restitution to the casinos and is prohibited from gambling. He was also given a one-year suspended sentence, which would go into effect if he fails to meet the terms of his probation.

Tags: Las Vegas

MGM goes after poker websites that use its brand

12.02.2011     12:35 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
MGM Casino is suing a host of people/companies who previously created website domains using MGM-type names. For example, someone from Zimbabwe registered ariapoker -- Aria Casino is owned by MGM. A gentlemen from Texas owns -- Excalibur Casino another MGM property. Some of these site though were created as early as 2002, yet MGM never said a word until now. The reason is obvious. With the potential for legalized online poker in the near future, MGM wants to make sure there is no question as to where people should go for their online gaming needs.

“The defendants have or have had a bad faith intent to profit from their registration of the domain names,” charges the suit, which alleges the defendants have been involved in either “cybersquatting” — the use of other’s trademarks to earn a profit online — or trademark infringement, or in some cases both.

Tags: Las Vegas

Alledged beard for Billy Walters indicted on sports betting probe

12.01.2011     06:15 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
You'll get a kick out of this one. Robert Walker, who happens to be a sports bettor and may or may not be connected to Billy Walters, was indicted by a federal grand jury for what they are calling "...causing a domestic financial institution to fail to file an accurate currency transaction report." The Feds say Walker was making bets for Walters' Acme company. Walker says no way. The Feds/IRS then tried to get Walker to rat on Walters to no avail.

Tags: Las Vegas

Cantor Gaming inks deal to run The Palms' sportsbook

11.30.2011     12:26 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Cantor Gaming signed a deal to run The Palms' sportsbook which will begin renovations following the college basketball season. The new venue is expected to open by the start of the 2012 football season. Cantor's mobile in-game wagering will be offered.

"We look forward to transforming the race and sports book into a formidable space that encompasses exquisitely stylish designs and the latest mobile gaming technology, complementing the rest of the property," Cantor Gaming President and Chief Executive Officer Lee Amaitis said in the news release.

Tags: Las Vegas

Bank robber stinks at gambling, forced to turn self in after going bust

11.17.2011     02:58 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Let's assume for a second you manage to pull off a bank heist. Better yet, how about two in five days? You would probably consider yourself very fortunate and want to ensure that your "earnings" would last so you wouldn't have to tempt fate with yet another bank robbery. Meet New Hampshire resident Timothy Burke (pictured left), who by all accounts is a solid game planner. He robbed a bank (the same one) twice in five days – albeit for a modest $6K payday. Following his accomplishments, Mr. Burke took a bus (isn’t Atlantic City much closer?) to Las Vegas where as you probably already suspected, proceeded to gamble all of said earnings away. Broke and on the lam, Burke decided it best to turn himself into police where he was arraigned for felony armed robbery. He was already out on bail for possession of heroin and pot. Nice.

Tags: Las Vegas

Grantland reviews Las Vegas' Wynn Casino sportsbook

11.16.2011     09:31 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Last week, Grantland did a review on Las Vegas' Caesars sportsbook. Longtime Vegas resident and Sportsmemo Handicapper Teddy Covers offered up his own opinion.

I have the utmost of respect for Todd Fuhrman, Senior Sportsbook Analyst for Caesars -- he's a great guy doing his best to get his corporate overlords to understand the nuances of the sportbook business. But Caesars isn't a market leader, their sportsbook is in the middle of the casino floor (read: loud, busy and smoky). It's certainly an adequate book, not a place I would tell people to stay away from (Flamingo sportsbook, for example), but it's not a Top 5 book in this bettor's opinion.

This week, Grantland takes a look at the Wynn's sportsbook. You can read the review here. Give us your own review in the comment box below.

Tags: Las Vegas Teddy Covers

Las Vegas casino puts up odds on Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

11.07.2011     07:22 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Las Vegas' Station Casino is now offering a betting line on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather matchup – if it takes place by the end of 2012. Oddsmakers list the fight as a pick 'em with a $20K limit. Pacquiao is a -900 favorite for this weekend's bout against Juan Marquez.

"I believe this fight will happen this time, and I believe it will be the biggest bet fight of all time," said Art Manteris, vice president of sports book operations for Station Casinos.

"Two years ago I made Pacquiao a 7 to 5 favorite," Manteris said. "The betting public strongly disagreed, pushing the line all the way to Mayweather 7 to 5. This time I see it as a dead even or "Pick-Em" fight with the opening odds set at -110 for both fighters. The public can bet whoever they want. I’ll gladly take the other guy. Either way, I wind up with one of the best fighters of all time going for me," said Manteris. 

Tags: Las Vegas


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