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NFL Handicapping: ESPN's current Power Ratings

09.27.2012     07:03 AM     Printer Friendly
Sportsmemo Handicapper Teddy Covers contributed to ESPN Insider's recent Las Vegas NFL Power Rating Poll. Teddy's ratings, along with those from two other panelists, where averaged together to get the following...

NFL Las Vegas Power Rating as of 9/27/2012
Power Rating
Houston Texans
New England Patriots
San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers
Baltimore Ravens
New York Giants
Atlanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
San Diego Chargers
New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks
Cincinnati Bengals
Carolina Panthers
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
Tennessee Titans
St. Louis Rams
Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns

Tags: NFL Teddy Covers

Handicapper Teddy Covers weighs in on controversial ending to Packers-Seahawks

09.25.2012     10:51 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
There were numerous bad calls both ways on Monday Night Football.  The most egregious error came on the final play, but there were all kinds of officiating miscues throughout the game, and the fourth quarter in particular.

Let’s not forget the bad pass interference call on Kam Chancellor that kept the Packers lone touchdown drive of the game alive – they’d have been forced to punt otherwise, trailing by one, midway through the fourth quarter. 

And there’s no possible way you can convince me that later in that same drive, Aaron Rodgers’ third down run that was ruled short of the first down marker should have been overturned to give the Packers the first down, instead of forcing a field goal attempt.

From a betting perspective, Green Bay was not the ‘right side’.  Neither was Seattle.  It was a classic NFL ‘coin-flip’ type game; one of many each week.  Yes, Packers bettors got the wrong end of a truly ‘tough’ beat. 

But a bad beat?  Not in this game, I’m afraid.  Bad beats are reserved for when ‘right sides’ lose at the Read more

Tags: NFL Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks Teddy Covers

Last night's Packers-Seahawks ending may have impacted a few bettors

09.25.2012     05:55 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Oddsmakers react to last night's controversial Seahawks-Packers ending. It is being said that $200-$250 million worth of worldwide bets shifted following the call.

"Most of the customers in the sports book were not happy with the final call," said John Avello, director of the race and sports book at the Wynn in Las Vegas. "The shift was 100 percent. After the (Seahawks) score, all bets were reversed."

"It's the first call that has directly affected the outcome, but there have been many that have affected the outcome or the spread directly," he said.

Tags: NFL Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers

College Football Gambling: Bettors flock towards Oregon State Beavers

09.21.2012     12:42 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Oregon State at UCLA -7.5 O/U 52

A couple quotes from Las Vegas oddsmakers on the sharp action they've seen on Oregon State. UCLA opened -11.5 and was bet down to -7 before settling in at -7.5 earlier today.

“How I move the line — this might sound corny — is like an art form, a feel,” Kornegay said. “We took the $5,000 bets, but we also know the sharps are playing it. When you get a feel that, 'Wow! They’re really playing a side,' you need to move the line a half-point or full point even if it’s based on nothing but what we call 'air,' our own feel.

“This line was too high, and we’ve moved it … you’ve got to be with the market.”

“Oregon State dominated the game,” Rood said. “They’ve delivered as an underdog and Read more

Tags: College Football Oregon State Beavers UCLA Bruins PAC-12

Bob Stoops wants to keep injuries a secret because it helps bettors

09.20.2012     01:52 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
A new trend is forming in college football with coaches becoming more and more reluctant to provide the media/public with injury information. Some coaches feel it gives opposing teams an unneeded advantage and an excuse to go after already injured kids. Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops supports that theory but foolishly tries to strengthen his case by including gambling.

"To me the problem is it's all about gambling. They're the ones that have the true interest in it, and this is college sports. We should not contribute to those who are gambling on college sports. The NFL? Have at it. Go to Vegas, bet on them all, whatever. But gambling is the issue.

"Gambling becomes the issue when Joe Schmo down there loses a big chunk of change on the last play of the game, when we've got out threes in, giving them some snaps. And all of a sudden we don't cover the spread. Now it makes them more angry. It changes people.

"Or you've got your young guy that's playing ball for you, he drops a Read more

Tags: College Football Oklahoma Sooners Big XII

Antigua tells U.S. to quit being such a meanie with online gambling

09.20.2012     07:18 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
At a recent online gaming conference in Las Vegas, Antigua and Barbuda's Finance Minister Harold Lovell called for the United States to end the ban on interstate Internet gambling. We applaud the effort Harold but your pleas have likely fallen on deaf ears. In anticipation of just that, Lovell then "threatened" the US by saying A&B will "…explore the right to exact sanctions on industries in the U.S." – whatever that means.

"Why should it make any difference whether a betting transaction crosses a state border?" Lovell asked.

NFL Handicapping: Betting markets take out key number of 6 with Bears-Packers

09.13.2012     07:24 AM     Printer Friendly
Chicago at Green Bay -5 O/U 51.5

We’ve seen a fair amount of money come in on Chicago for tonight's matchup at Green Bay. Offshore, all of the 6's have been taken out – still some left in Vegas (Wynn, Station). The total has crept up from an opener of 50 (CRIS) to 51.5. The Packers have won four straight in the series and covered seven of the last nine. Last year's second meeting snapped an eight-game run of UNDERS. 

Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers Betting History 2008-11
GB 35, CHI 21
Green Bay -13
Over 41.5
GB 27, CHI 17
Green Bay -4
Under 45.5
GB 21, CHI 14
Green Bay -3.5
Under 42
GB 10, CHI 3
Chicago +11
Under 43.5
CHI 20, GB 17
Chicago +3
Under 45.5
GB 21, CHI 14
Green Bay -4
Under 41
GB 21, CHI 15
Green Bay -3.5
Under 47
CHI 20, GB 17 OT
Green Bay +4
Under 40
GB 37, CHI 3
Green Bay -3.5
Under 43

Tags: NFL Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers

William Hill wants to provide Vegas bettors with endless amount of options

09.11.2012     06:24 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Article from the Las Vegas Sun on William Hill's preparation for the football season.

“They could have 20 or 30 bets during a quarter of a football or soccer game,” Vaccaro said. “We don’t approach that, but our goal is to someday maximize what they do over there here in Nevada. Can we get to 2,300 bets a day? I don’t know, but we’re working on it.”

“We knew there really wasn’t anything else out there with a point-spread in college,” Shapiro explained. “It’s the only contest of its kind in the market.”

Tags: Las Vegas

Florida State-Savannah State game bets refunded, Seminoles cover 1st half

09.10.2012     07:58 AM     Printer Friendly
In case you've been living under a rock, all bets on last weekend's infamous Florida State-Savannah State game were refunded in Las Vegas due to the contest falling short of 55 minutes. The Seminoles, who led 48-0 at the break, did however cover the -45.5 first half line (LVH).

Tags: College Football Florida State Seminoles ACC

Las Vegas sportsbooks eager for football season

09.05.2012     08:07 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Las Vegas sportsbooks gear up for the start of the NFL regular season. LVH sportsbook director Jay Kornegay says football accounts for 40-45% of the casino's total handle.

"Even during those slow times, it was so popular and part of the American culture to bet football - especially here in Nevada - that there is always money set aside for their favorite hobby," he said.

"Everybody in this town benefits from the football season, meaning the taxicab drivers, the restaurants, the bartenders, the waitresses. You name it, all the properties in Vegas benefit entirely," he said.

Tags: NFL Las Vegas


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