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MLB Handicapping: Angels focused on improving defense and scouting

04.10.2014     02:09 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Nice to see a team talk about fixing a problem and then carry it out on the field. Last season, the Angels were not a good defensive team. From errors (112) to advanced metrics (RZR - 30th MLB) there weren't a lot of positives. This season, LA has put more emphasis on defense, particularly the shift – something we’ve seen them do on multiple occasions throughout the first two weeks of the season. So far, the numbers suggest they’ve been playing better than league average defense.

"What it is," general manager Jerry Dipoto said, "is building trust with what those numbers represent. And I think that's happened over time."

"We've always integrated numbers, used the data to suggest when we would switch defensively," Dipoto added. "I think this year we are more likely to shift in more situations. And sometimes subtlety, where you won't pick up on the shift because it's not overaggressive or widespread. We're not Read more

Tags: MLB Los Angeles Angels

MLB Gambling: For a third straight year the Minnesota Twins starting pitching is awful

04.10.2014     12:39 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
With so many seemingly "fringe" starters not only surviving but thriving in MLB, it is very apparent Minnesota is doing something wrong. It could be just bad luck (or poor decisions) in terms of draft picks and acquisitions but it also could be some sort of organizational philosophy. Heading into today, Minnesota's starters had the worse ERA in the American League at 6.43. And a few hours ago, Mike Pelfrey allowed six earned runs in five innings meaning that 6.43 is headed way north. Newly acquired Ricky Nolasco has allowed 10 runs in 10 innings. Phil Hughes remains a complete mess – a guy who for whatever reason decided to scrap his slider which many metrics pointed to as being his best pitch. Kevin Correria was torched in his first start (5.2 IP, 6 ERs). And Kyle Gibson has upside but still a ways from being a consistent performer. Because starting pitching accounts for a vast majority of game prices, the Twins are going to be big underdogs for much of the campaign. But as a bettor, do you trust any of those guys to go out and give you 6 innings and allowed 3 runs or Read more

Tags: MLB Minnesota Twins

Sports Betting Podcast 4-10-2014 with Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno

04.10.2014     10:16 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Thursday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno. Rob and host Andrew Lange broke down MLB and NBA.

Today's segments
Rob Veno - MLB and NBA

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

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Tags: MLB NBA Rob Veno

MLB Handicapping: Is pitch framing the next big thing?

04.10.2014     08:40 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Every year there seems to be a new sexy statistics that takes the MLB betting markets by storm. With starting pitching being so important these days, FIP and xFIP have a significant influence on how the markets bet a game. Moving forward, pitch framing could be the new craze. It has a lot more variables – an umpire can easily offset a catcher's ability to frame pitches. But overall, the difference between a strike and a ball can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. According to FanGraphs, the Yankees are currently the best team in the league at "framing" or having pitches that were technically balls called strikes whereas the Cubs are the worst. The sample size is very small but Francisco Cervelli and Brian McCann are generally regarding as good "receivers." As FanGraphs points out, this is not an exact science but with enough data, we should start to see teams that benefit more than others from fringe calls.

Tags: MLB

Sports Betting Podcast 4-9-2014 with Handicappers Teddy Covers and Ian Cameron

04.09.2014     10:46 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Wednesday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Teddy Covers and Ian Cameron. Teddy broke down every game on the NBA slate while Ian tackled MLB. 

Today's segments
Full Show

Teddy Covers - NBA Every Game on the Board

Ian Cameron - MLB

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: MLB NBA Teddy Covers Ian Cameron

MLB Gambling: List of pitchers who have had Tommy John

04.09.2014     07:44 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
This may be the first and only bettor-friendly thing Bleacher Report has ever published. A full list of every current MLB pitcher who has had Tommy Johnny surgery and the year they went under the knife as of 2013. Obviously those who just had it or will shortly aren't of concern until next season.

Tags: MLB

MLB Handicapping: Rookie ump Barber behind the dish in San Francisco

04.09.2014     07:31 AM     Printer Friendly
Being a rookie umpire is tough. Being a rookie umpire in the era of Pitch F/X and GIFs has gotta just plain suck. Sean Barber's first try at calling balls and strikes this season didn't go well. He's slated to be behind the plate for tonight's Arizona-San Francisco game.


Tags: MLB

Sports Betting Podcast 4-8-2014 with Handicappers Rob Veno and Erin Rynning

04.08.2014     10:38 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Tuesday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Rob Veno and Erin Rynning. Rob and host Andrew Lange talked MLB while ER broke down the entire NBA slate.

Today's segments
Full Show

Rob Veno - MLB Every Game on the Board

Erin Rynning - NBA Every Game on the Board

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: MLB NBA Rob Veno Erin Rynning

MLB Gambling Alert: Money flowing in on Baltimore Orioles

04.08.2014     08:43 AM     Printer Friendly
Baltimore (Chen) at NY Yankees (Nova) -120 O/U 8.5

Huge market move on this afternoon's Baltimore-New York game. The Yankees opened around -145 but have since been bet down to as low at -115. In seven career starts WY Chen has an ERA of 5.58 vs. New York. In three starts at Yankee Stadium his ERA is 4.86. Opposing starter Ivan Nova is 5-2 with a 4.46 ERA all-time vs. the Orioles.


Tags: MLB Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees

MLB Handicapping: LA's Dan Haren trying to survive on finesse

04.08.2014     07:36 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Detroit -120 (Scherzer) at LA Dodgers (Haren) O/U 6.5

Good article on the decline of Dan Haren's stuff the last few seasons. Haren's velocity now hovers in the high 80's and his margin for error is extremely slim.

“A lot of is – say, I’m working 88, 89 (mph) in a game and doing well. Then I get to a big pitch where it’s a 1-and-2 count and I want to freeze a guy with a fastball and I want to try and put a little more on it. Well, now if I put a little something extra on it it’s going to be 91. So I still have to be conscious of locating the pitch. I can’t just say, ‘OK, I’m going to reach back and blow this one by you.’ Even though sometimes on the mound, I – or any pitcher – gets kind of an ego thing where it’s, ‘I’m going to blow the ball past this guy.’ I have to swallow my pride, Read more

Tags: MLB Los Angeles Dodgers Detroit Tigers


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