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Teddy Covers' Las Vegas Wiseguy Report: Getting a leg up on betting the 2013-14 NFL season

05.28.2013     10:31 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
I’m writing this column over Memorial Day Weekend, nearly two and a half months before the NFL preseason kicks off with the Hall of Fame Game on August 4th and a full three and a half months before the start of the regular season.  And yet NFL betting numbers for the upcoming campaign are becoming more and more widely available; once again proving quite clearly that the NFL is King when it comes to sports betting.

The single most profitable set of wagers that I’ve found in my 15 years as a professional bettor living in Las Vegas are NFL Season Win totals.  Super Bowl odds, and odds to win divisions or conferences only give bettors one choice – betting ON a particular team.  Then that team has to beat out all of their competition to win the division/conference/Super Bowl for you to cash, offering big payday longshot returns, but cashing a very low percentage of the wagers that are made.

NFL Season Win totals, on the other hand, offer bettors the opportunity to bet AGAINST teams from a macro perspective.  And with win totals, you don’t have to worry about the competition, even when betting Overs.  For example, the Read more

Tags: NFL Teddy Covers

NBA Betting Recap: Now THIS is the Championship Version of Miami (Plus MLB Interleague Notes)

05.27.2013     08:30 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Submitted by Stat Intelligence

The Heat have a gear that nobody else has. They waited until Indy 500 day in Indianapolis to remind everyone of that as they raced…then coasted to a 114-96 victory to regain home court advantage with a 2-1 series lead.

The final stats don’t quite tell the story…because Miami spent most of the last nine minutes running out the clock. Let’s start with the full game boxscore…then we’ll backtrack a bit to show you what Miami was doing while sending their message.

Miami 114, Indiana 96

2-Point Percentage: Miami 57%, Indiana 36%

3-Point Shooting: Miami 6/14, Indiana 8/14

Free Throws: Miami 24/28, Indiana 30/44

1’s and 2’s: Miami 96, Indiana 72

Rebounds: Miami 36, Indiana 45

Turnovers: Miami 5, Indiana 10

Impressive enough. Indiana called a time out with 9:34 to go in the game, down 21 points at 99-78. I made a note to write down (and tweet @jefffogle) Read more

Tags: NBA MLB Miami Heat Indiana Pacers Stat Intelligence

MLB Gambling Notes: Texas and Arizona send 2013 first timers to the hill

05.27.2013     08:13 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Texas (Perez) at Arizona (Skaggs) -120 O/U 9

A couple of 2013 first timers as Texas sends lefty Martin Perez to the hill to take on Arizona's high touted lefty Tyler Skaggs. Skaggs had his struggles during last season's call-up (6 starts, 6 HRs, 5.83 ERA) and earlier this season at Triple-A. But according to reports, he's pitched much better of late with a 2.66 ERA and 22/3 K/BB ratio over his last 20 innings. Perez also struggled in 2012 with a 5.45 ERA in six starts. According to Ron Washington, Perez was "the guy that was recommended" when they dialed up Triple-A Round Rock. He was actually close to earning a spot in Texas' rotation this past spring but broke his wrist.

Tags: MLB Arizona Diamondbacks Texas Rangers

Gambler loses, gambler gets pissed, gambler smashes bookies with hammer

05.24.2013     11:49 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Nothing worse than a sore loser. Especially one who likes to use a hammer.

"They recognised a male customer who had been in the shop earlier that day and had lost some money on the roulette machines. He made his way towards the machine and started to smash the front glass screens of the machines. Once the accused had smashed up the machine he moved onto another machine and repeated his actions.

"The witnesses made their way into the rear of the shop and locked the door. They could hear the accused smashing the machines and a few minutes later they heard him leaving the shop."

College Football Betting: Odds to Win the Conference

05.22.2013     01:39 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Never too early for some college football. The Greek posted a few numbers on Odds to Win the Conference. Here are the top contenders...

Miami +175
Clemson +175
Florida State +250

Texas +200
Oklahoma +250
Oklahoma State +250

Big Ten
Ohio State +125
Nebraska +350
Wisconsin +350
Michigan State +350

Oregon +150
USC +250
Arizona +500
Stanford +500

Alabama -125
Georgia +300
South Carolina +500

Tags: College Football Big XII ACC SEC Big XII Big Ten

Former online poker owner admits to being a total scam artist

05.14.2013     07:41 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Geesh. Former World Series of Poker champ and Ultimate Bet owner Russ Hamilton admits to being a piece of shit.

“I did take this money and I’m not trying to make it right, so let’s get that out of the way."

Hamilton said that he siphoned off between $16-$18 million from opponents thanks to a “God Mode” feature, which gave him access to the hole cards of everyone at the table.

Tags: Poker

Gambling Update: Ivey accused of cheating casino

05.13.2013     07:41 AM     Printer Friendly

Here is the other side of the Phil Ivey/London Casino story. It turns out Ivey is being accused of "exploiting a defective pack of card to gain a huge edge over the house."

“By turning an asymmetrical card 180 degrees it is possible to identify what the value of the card is before it is revealed. You simply glance at the edges on the back of the card. Essentially, playing the turn has the same effect as marking the cards and gives players a huge house edge. Who needs invisible ink and red-tinted sunglasses when you’ve got manufacturer-made “marked cards.”

Phil Ivey says British casino owes him a boatload of money

05.08.2013     07:12 AM     Read more

Ultimate Pokers goes live but receives not-so-great reviews

05.09.2013     01:45 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Ultimate Poker may have scored big by becoming the first United States based online poker site but according to early reviews, the product has plenty of issues compared to the more sophisticated offshore platforms.

“What was really important to us was getting the early-mover advantage,” Ultimate Gaming Chief Marketing Officer Joe Versaci said. “We figured what we should do is prioritize the most popular game with the skinniest offering. That allows us to get through the field trial with few things that could hold us up in terms of hurdles.”

Overall: The bottom line regarding Ultimate Poker is that players are going to have a very mixed reaction to it. Everyone certainly agrees that the return of online poker to the United States is excellent, and Ultimate Poker deserves a lot of credit for being the first ones to get through the regulatory system and go live. The software is so annoying to use, however, that

Read more

Tags: Poker

FBI was betting on college football during sting operation

05.08.2013     07:46 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
This is crazy. The FBI was betting on college football – with federal funds – during an undercover operation that saw 34 arrested and accused of illegal sports betting. Note that some of the games involved Oklahoma. Does Bobby Stoops know about this?

“Legendz Sports solicited millions of illegal bets totaling over … one billion dollars on sports and sporting events from gamblers in the United States, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” grand jurors alleged in the indictment.

He reported winning $952 when he bet in October 2008 that OU would not beat Kansas by three touchdowns or more. OU won by only two touchdowns — 45-31. He lost $1,000, though, betting on the Texas-Missouri football game the same day.

The next week, he reported losing $735 betting against OU in the OU-Kansas State game. He reported losing another $1,050 on

Read more

Tags: College Football

NCAA shocked to find that golfers are into gambling

05.07.2013     08:37 AM     Printer Friendly
According to a recent study, when it comes to college athletes, golfers are far and away the biggest gamblers. Good for them.

"Go into any country club, that stuff is going on," University of Memphis coach Grant Robbins said. "Guys going go out there in the summer and playing for five bucks a hole or something like that, that's tough to police. I'm sure that goes on. When we're in control of them, we try to make sure nothing happens on our watch, and it's communicated to them constantly. They're hammered with it by our compliance department."


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