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MLB Gambling: Betting markets tip hand on early season fade of Roy Halladay

04.03.2013     08:04 AM     Printer Friendly
Philadelphia (Halladay) at Atlanta (Maholm) -135 O/U 7

Doesn't look like the betting markets are giving Philadelphia's Roy Halladay much respect to start the season. Pinnacle opened tonight's game against Atlanta as a pick 'em but virtually all of the money has come in on Paul Maholm and the Braves. Heading into the season, Halladay seems accepting of the fact that his is going to have to reinvent himself in order to succeed. Line history courtesy of Pinnacle.

"I'll have to do more," Halladay said. "I'm going to have to pitch that way. Add. Subtract. The older you get, unfortunately, you don't always have the ability to go harder, harder, harder. That's something you have to adjust to. Change your spots, change your location. I feel comfortable I can pitch in that area."

copy_halladay_3.JPG Read more

Tags: MLB Philadelphia Phillies Atlanta Braves

MLB Handicapping: Lincecum and Beckett try to regain form

04.03.2013     06:53 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
San Francisco (Lincecum) at LA Dodgers (Beckett) -122 O/U 7

Pitchers are fragile creatures and when decline hits it is tough to stop. Take Josh Beckett who in 2011 posted a 2.89 ERA and 1.03 WHIP in Boston. Tim Lincecum won back-to-back Cy Young awards in 2008 and 2009 and as recently as 2011 was considered one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. Beckett is only 32 but has already racked up nearly 1,900 innings. He pitched well following last year's trade to LA (43 IP, 2.93 ERA) but no longer has top-tier stuff. Heading into 2013, Beckett has essentially been forced to reinvent himself.

Like most pitchers, he chased the lost velocity for a good while and got beat up doing it. Then he accepted it, or tried, and got beat up some anyway. So there'll be days like Sunday when he's a few inches right or left of guile, far from perfect, and the

Read more

Tags: MLB San Francisco Giants Los Angeles Dodgers

College Basketball Gambling: Referees go after Arizona's Sean Miller

04.02.2013     07:38 AM     Printer Friendly
Remember Ed Rush? Back in the day he was the NBA's head of officiating. Dallas owner Mark Cuban famously said that he wouldn't hire Ed Rush to run a Dairy Queen. Well news has come out that Rush, who is currently the head of officiating for the PAC-12, told his minions to give Arizona head coach Sean Miller the business during the PAC-12 Tournament. Miller, who doesn't come off a very demonstrative, was issued a very questionable technical foul in what ended up being a semifinal loss to UCLA. And according to reports, the ref who slapped Miller with the "T" didn't have "that type of mentality." And for those of you scoring at home, Arizona outshot UCLA from the floor and from three and was +7 on the glass. The difference in the game was fouls and free throws. UCLA attempted 21 free throws and was Read more

Tags: College Basketball Arizona Wildcats UCLA Bruins

Louisville Cardinals enter Final Four as betting favorite to cut down nets

04.01.2013     07:48 AM     Printer Friendly
Saturday's Final Four is set with Louisville (-10.5) taking on Wichita State and Michigan (-2.5) facing Syracuse. The Cardinals' four wins were by margins of 31, 26, 8, and 22. According to Pinnacle, they are the betting favorites to win the tournament at -141.

Yes -141
No +128

Yes +318
No -366

Yes +541
No -660

Wichita State
Yes +1300
No -2200

Tags: College Basketball Louisville Cardinals Wichita State Shockers Michigan Wolverines Syracuse Orange

NCAA Tournament Gambling: Consensus bets for Sunday's Ellite Eight

03.31.2013     07:18 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Here are the consensus bets for today's Elite Eight according to Bookmaker. Note that the percentages represent the number of bets (not total handle) placed on each given wager.

Louisville -3.5 - 68.5%
Michigan +2.5 - 54.4%

Michigan +130 - 67.1%
Duke +165 - 58.0%

Michigan-Florida OVER 132.5 - 83.3%
Duke-Louisville OVER 137 - 67.7%


Tags: College Basketball Louisville Cardinals Duke Blue Devils Michigan Wolverines Florida Gators

NCAA Tournament Gambling: Consensus bets for Saturday's Ellite Eight

03.30.2013     08:06 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Here are the consensus bets for today's Elite Eight according to Bookmaker. Note that the percentages represent the number of bets (not total handle) placed on each given wager.

Ohio State -4.5 - 63.1%
Syracuse -5 - 51.4%

Ohio State -205 - 62.0%
Marquette +190 - 54.2%

Wichita State-Ohio State OVER 131 - 75.2%
Syracuse-Marquette OVER 127.5 - 57.4%

Tags: College Basketball

NCAA Tournament Gambling: Consensus bets for Friday's Sweet Sixteen

03.29.2013     08:02 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Here are the consensus bets for tonight’s Sweet Sixteen according to Bookmaker. Note that the percentages represent the number of bets (not total handle) placed on each given wager.

Florida Gulf Coast +13 - 70.8%
Oregon +10.5 - 63.4%
Michigan +1.5 - 57.5%
Michigan State +2 - 54.3%

Florida Gulf Coast +700 - 89.9%
Oregon +525 - 67.8%
Michigan +110 - 63.2%
Michigan State +120 - 62.5%

Oregon-Louisville OVER 130.5 - 85.4%
Florida Gulf Coast-Florida OVER 136 - 85.4%
Michigan State-Duke UNDER 133.5 - 52.1%
Michigan-Kansas OVER 136 - 51.9%

Tags: College Basketball

Man tries to get name removed from Nevada's Black Book

03.28.2013     12:32 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Cool article in the Los Angeles Times about a 68-year-old gentlemen/ex-con trying to get his name erased from Nevada's Black Book.

"I don't belong in this book," he said in his thick Jersey accent, an unlit Camel dangling from his lips. "I never cheated a casino, never had a fight there. I'm just supposedly a notorious felon. There are lots of felons in this town. Why me?"

Frankie says the book discriminates against Italian Americans — half the list's 33 current members have Italian surnames — and promotes Mafia stereotypes. This in a city that has embraced its organized crime roots with not one, but two, mob museums.

NCAA Tournament Gambling: Consensus bets for Thursday's Sweet Sixteen

03.28.2013     09:49 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Here are the consensus bets for tonight’s Sweet Sixteen according to Bookmaker. Note that the percentages represent the number of bets (not total handle) placed on each given wager.

Syracuse +5.5 - 66.6%
Miami -5.5 - 62.3%
Wichita State -4.5 - 57.9%
Ohio State -3 - 55.4%

Marquette +200 - 71.6%
Arizona +150 - 65.5%
La Salle +190 - 64.9%
Indiana -250 - 51.8%

Syracuse-Indiana OVER 136 - 65.7%
Arizona-Ohio State OVER 134 - 65.1%
La Salle-Wichita State OVER 134.5 - 59.6%
Marquette-Miami UNDER 126 - 52.0%

Tags: College Basketball

MLB Handicapping Tips: Updated depth charts

03.28.2013     07:42 AM     Printer Friendly
Looks like MLBDepthCharts has teamed up with Baseball Prospectus. Here is a link to the new homepage. If you know of another site that is more accurate and up-to-date let us know in the comment box below. Either way, it’s probably worth a bookmark.

Tags: MLB


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