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Sports Betting Podcast 5-27-2013 with Handicapper Erin Rynning

05.27.2013     09:47 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Monday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured handicapper Erin Rynning. Erin and host Andrew Lange rolled through all of today's mid-afternoon and evening Interleague MLB.

Today's segments
Erin Rynning - MLB Every Game of the Board

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

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Tags: MLB Erin Rynning

NBA Betting Recap: Now THIS is the Championship Version of Miami (Plus MLB Interleague Notes)

05.27.2013     08:30 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Submitted by Stat Intelligence

The Heat have a gear that nobody else has. They waited until Indy 500 day in Indianapolis to remind everyone of that as they raced…then coasted to a 114-96 victory to regain home court advantage with a 2-1 series lead.

The final stats don’t quite tell the story…because Miami spent most of the last nine minutes running out the clock. Let’s start with the full game boxscore…then we’ll backtrack a bit to show you what Miami was doing while sending their message.

Miami 114, Indiana 96

2-Point Percentage: Miami 57%, Indiana 36%

3-Point Shooting: Miami 6/14, Indiana 8/14

Free Throws: Miami 24/28, Indiana 30/44

1’s and 2’s: Miami 96, Indiana 72

Rebounds: Miami 36, Indiana 45

Turnovers: Miami 5, Indiana 10

Impressive enough. Indiana called a time out with 9:34 to go in the game, down 21 points at 99-78. I made a note to write down (and tweet @jefffogle) Read more

Tags: NBA MLB Miami Heat Indiana Pacers Stat Intelligence

MLB Gambling Notes: Texas and Arizona send 2013 first timers to the hill

05.27.2013     08:13 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Texas (Perez) at Arizona (Skaggs) -120 O/U 9

A couple of 2013 first timers as Texas sends lefty Martin Perez to the hill to take on Arizona's high touted lefty Tyler Skaggs. Skaggs had his struggles during last season's call-up (6 starts, 6 HRs, 5.83 ERA) and earlier this season at Triple-A. But according to reports, he's pitched much better of late with a 2.66 ERA and 22/3 K/BB ratio over his last 20 innings. Perez also struggled in 2012 with a 5.45 ERA in six starts. According to Ron Washington, Perez was "the guy that was recommended" when they dialed up Triple-A Round Rock. He was actually close to earning a spot in Texas' rotation this past spring but broke his wrist.

Tags: MLB Arizona Diamondbacks Texas Rangers

NBA Betting Recap: Indiana Pacers even up series (plus MLB notes)

05.25.2013     07:47 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Submitted by Stat Intelligence

If home court advantage is worth anything, then the Indiana Pacers have been the better team in BOTH of the games played so far in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Now…home court may end up not meaning much of anything in this series when it’s all said and done. The overall median for the playoffs is still at just two points. And, Miami is known for being very strong on the road. We may be looking at a series of virtual coin flips, with neither team being shaken by the opposing crowd. The near equivalent of a best-of-seven on neutral courts.

Miami better HOPE that’s the case. Because Indiana has been GREAT at home in the playoffs! I’m not going to fall into last year’s trap of making assumptions early in this matchup. We’ve talked about this a lot already. Miami teases you, then breaks your heart if you’re rooting for them to lose.

Let’s run the numbers from Friday night, then review the categories that have been the Read more

Tags: NBA MLB Indiana Pacers Miami Heat Stat Intelligence

MLB Betting Free Play: Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City Royals

05.25.2013     07:40 AM     Andrew Lange     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Andrew Lange blog entry.
LA Angels (Buckner) at Kansas City (Guthrie) -130 O/U 9
Recommendation: Over

The Angels are finally starting to click offensively with 47 runs over their last six games (all victories). Note that five of those six games were against right-handed starters which they'll see today in Jeremy Guthrie. Guthrie's regression is already in full swing after getting pounded by Houston and these same Angels his last two starts. His numbers suggest more struggles are coming: .264 BABIP, 90.9% LOB, 5.88 FIP, 4.75 FIP. Not to mention 4.85 Ks and 3.03 BBs per 9 innings – rates you typically associate with a mid-4 or higher ERA in the American League. LA will send former KC 2nd round pick Billy Buckner to the hill. Buckner hasn't thrown in the bigs since 2010 and his career numbers (138.1 IP, 173 hits, 6.25 ERA) give us a good indication why. He was at one point traded for Dontrelle Willis! Even though KC's offense is nothing to get excited about, when they do score runs, it typically comes Read more

Tags: MLB Los Angeles Angels Kansas City Royals Andrew Lange

Live betting got its start in the Wrigley Field bleachers

05.24.2013     12:14 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Awesome story about the "in-game wagering" that took place in the Wrigley Field bleachers back in 1920.


"Ten cents says he swings!"

"A dollar the pitcher changes his windup on the next one!"

"Two bits they send in a pinch-hitter the next time around!"

"Who wants ten dollars on the runner? Ten dollars says he streaks down to second!"

At the end of the first inning, the undercover cops all stood up. In one voice, they announced: "You’re all under arrest!"

Tags: MLB Chicago Cubs

Sports Betting Podcast 5-24-2013 with Handicappers Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning

05.24.2013     10:18 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Friday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured handicappers Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning. Teddy and Erin went through every game on the MLB card. 

Today's segments
Full Show

Teddy Covers - National League

Erin Rynning - American League

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: MLB NBA Teddy Covers Erin Rynning

MLB Handicapper Free Pick: Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox

05.24.2013     10:15 AM     ICC     Printer Friendly
Submitted by ICC blog entry.
Cleveland (Masterson) +100 at Boston (Lackey) O/U 9
Recommendation: Cleveland

The Cleveland Indians are one of the hottest teams in Major League Baseball right now and it has gone relatively unnoticed by the betting markets. They’ve won six of their last eight games and they've done so with better than expected starting pitching and an offense that can score runs. Cleveland has netted at least 5 runs in 7 of their last 8 games providing plenty of run support for their pitchers including a 12-run outburst in their win against the Red Sox last night. I think they will have a great chance to score more runs tonight against John Lackey. He pitched very well last time out against Minnesota but I still have my doubts about Lackey as he had allowed 5 runs in back-to-back starts prior to his effort vs. the Twins. It's worth noting that Lackey has pitched 7 innings just once in his six starts this season and that is a concern tonight because the Boston bullpen (which has struggled even when Read more

Tags: MLB Cleveland Indians Boston Red Sox Ian Cameron

MLB Handicapping: Are the Washington Nationals Really 80% to Miss the Playoffs?

05.24.2013     08:09 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Submitted by Stat Intelligence

It’s only May 23, but ESPN’s standings page is showing that the preseason favorite to win the National League is now 80% to MISS the playoffs entirely.

NL East Chance to Make Playoffs (typed up moments before posting)
Atlanta 90%
Washington 19.9%
Philadelphia 11.4%
NY Mets 3.4%
Miami 0.1%

Can that be true?

In favor of the skepticism:

*Washington has a run differential of -26, even though they’re won-lost record is 24-23. I think the sabermetric world pays way too much attention to that particular number. But…the Nats really are WAY off the pace for what a championship contender should be doing.

*Washington is 5-1 against the horrible Miami Marlins, a virtual expansion team in their own division. That means they’re 19-22 against the rest of the league. Washington was +16 in run differential in those wins, which means they’re Read more

Tags: MLB Washington Nationals Stat Intelligence

MLB Betting News: Chicago's John Danks makes his return

05.24.2013     07:59 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Miami (Koehler) at Chicago WS (Danks) -175 O/U 7.5

Chicago's John Danks is only 28 years old yet as he prepares to make his first start in over a calendar year the consensus is that Danks will need to reinvent himself in order to survive at the MLB level. The Chicago Tribune essentially said Danks is going for the Mark Buehrle 2.0 look. Velocity isn't as vital coming from the left side but bouncing back from shoulder surgery is no easy task. We strongly recommend bettors take a wait-and-see approach.

"His cut fastball was effective against right-handed hitters, and he also used it against lefties," Phegley said. "He also mixed in his curve and changeup.

"He threw his curve for strikes, although he wasn't completely satisfied with it at times. His changeup always has been a big pitch for him, and he was very

Read more

Tags: MLB Chicago White Sox Miami Marlins


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