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MLB Handicapper Free Play: Washington Nationals at Miami Marlins

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Submitted by Rob Veno blog entry.
Washington (Zimmermann) -145 at Miami (Eovaldi) O/U 7.5 
Recommendation: Over

Not real sure what has gone wrong with Miami’s Nate Eovaldi but the majority of his starts since mid-June have been disastrous. In the eight outings during this span, Eovaldi has managed to throw just three quality starts. The team has gone 1-7 as Eovaldi (1-4 with 3 no decisions) has posted a 6.19 ERA, 1.44 WHIP and allowed 89 TB in 48 IP. The most alarming part of his performances is the drastic drop in strikeouts. Of the 209 batters Eovaldi has faced since June 13, he’s fanned only 21 for a near 1:10 ratio. All the contact being made by opposing lineups has led to the poor results but with Eovaldi still routinely hitting 95 MPH on the gun, velocity can’t be blamed. Inability to locate inside the strike zone could be problematic tonight against Washington which has averaged 4.5 runs per game since the All-Star break. Not having Ryan Zimmerman (15 day DL, hamstring) is a blow to the Nationals offense but they were able to produce four runs two of the last three days versus strong Cincinnati pitching. Washington starter Jordan Zimmermann blames poor location, not a biceps injury suffered earlier this month for his short outing against Colorado last week. His last couple of starts have lasted less than six innings and Miami’s home offense has been extremely solid this season which could make this a tough start. The total is in a spot here that dictates taking a shot on the over. It’s likely that one of these two pitchers in rough current form will get hit hard enough to keep the scoreboard churning so the play here is over 7.5 +1.05.  

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Sports Betting Podcast 7-28-2014 with Handicappers Rob Veno and Teddy Covers

07.28.2014     11:07 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Monday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Rob Veno and Teddy Covers. Rob and host Andrew Lange broke down tonight's MLB card while Teddy talked NFC North.

Today's segments 
Full Show

Rob Veno - MLB Night Games

Teddy Covers - NFC North Preview

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

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NFL Gambling: The impact quarterbacks have on Season Over/Under Win totals Part I

07.28.2014     06:59 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
I’ve been writing about NFL Season Win Totals for the last few weeks, using what I call “advanced metric schedule analysis.”  This week, the time has come to write about another stage of the 2014 pre-preseason team analysis that affects every win total on the board – quarterbacks.

Why quarterbacks?  Because more than ever, in the modern ‘pass happy’ era of NFL Football, the quarterback is the most important position on any team.  Of course a great quarterback can’t be great without a decent receiving corps or a decent offensive line, so those must be included in the equation when discussing quarterbacks. 

Here’s what I wrote last year in this space:

“The pecking order for NFL quarterbacks is well established.  Most of the best quarterbacks play for the best teams.  Peyton Manning in Denver, Eli Manning in New York, Tom Brady in New England, Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, Drew Brees in New Orleans and Joe Flacco in Baltimore all wear Super Bowl rings.  All seven guys play for teams that are perennial playoff teams, and all seven of those squads are lined at 8.5 wins or higher again this year.”

Four of those seven took their teams to the playoffs last year.  But Eli Manning suffered through a truly horrific season, arguably costing his team any shot at the playoffs with his league leading interception total.  Ben Roethlisberger certainly wasn’t very good when the Steelers got off to their 2-6 start that eventually doomed their playoff chances.   And Joe Flacco took his 11-0 TD-INT ratio from the Ravens remarkable playoff run and proceeded to throw 22 interceptions compared to only 19 touchdowns in the regular season last year.  Did those three veteran quarterbacks suddenly get dramatically worse?

Of course not!  The talent surrounding them got dramatically worse, and those three took the blame (and the statistical beating).  Look at Baltimore for a prime example.  They lost tight end Dennis Pitta for most of the year due to injuries and lost Anquan Bolden in free agency, two of their top three pass catchers on the 2012 team that won the Super Bowl.  Their offensive line – great during their Super Bowl run – was downright lousy for extended stretches last year – hence Ray Rice’s dramatic decline.   Flacco ranked second in the NFL in sacks taken with 48 – only Ryan Tannehill behind the Dolphins disastrous OL took more.  And on a yards per rush basis, the Ravens running game ranked dead last in the NFL last year; another clear indicator of offensive line weakness

Flacco’s QBR (ESPN’s advanced metric QB rating) in the 2013 regular season was nearly the same as it was in the 2012 regular season  – below average, ranked in between Ryan Tannehill and Sam Bradford in 2013; between Carson Palmer with the Raiders and Ryan Fitzpatrick with the Bills in 2012.   Super Bowl ring or not, Flacco cannot be mentioned in the same breath with the other six Super Bowl winners on the list above.  And that’s one of the reasons why Baltimore is lined as an 8.5 win team this year, not a 9 or 9.5 win team.

Despite his two Super Bowl rings (both coming in large part via the Giants defense and multiple miracle drives in the final minutes of playoff games), I’m not convinced Eli Manning can be ranked with the other elites either.  That certainly doesn’t make him a bum.  Prior to last year, Eli had a QBR above 60 in each of the five previous seasons, but his 18-27 TD-INT ratio last year ensured he wouldn’t enjoy a sixth consecutive year with a lofty rating – it plummeted to 36.5. Why did Eli decline?  The same reason as Flacco did!

The Giants offensive line was an injury riddled mess last year.  Like Baltimore, the G-men had no discernable running game, tied for 29th in the NFL in yards per rush.  In their Super Bowl winning season back in 2011 as well as in 2012, the Giants got solid production from their tight ends and slot receivers.  Last year, neither Victor Cruz nor Hakeem Nicks were fully healthy and the Giants got very little from the tight end position.  And that explains Eli’s decline more than any other factors.  The QB gets the blame when things go bad, whether it’s his fault or not.

What about Big Ben, the third QB from the above list who didn’t lead his team to the playoffs last year?  Same story?  You betcha!  Pittsburgh’s offensive line, despite a bevy of high draft choices manning unit, was nothing short of awful in 2013.  The Steelers, too, couldn’t run the football, tied with the Giants for 29th in the NFL, averaging only 3.5 yards per carry. 

Pittsburgh, too, lost key elements from their receiving corps form the year before, with Mike Wallace bolting for Miami in free agency while Heath Miller battled injuries.

Despite how tough Big Ben is to get to the ground, he still finished ranked #7 in the NFL in most sacks taken.  Prior to last season, Roethlisberger had put together four straight years with QBR’s above 60, but last year with declining talent around him, it dropped to 54.3. 

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees all ranked among the elites statistically again last year, with Brady’s QBR the weakest of the bunch; ranked #10 among full time starters.  Of course, that’s explainable too, given the Patriots opening the season without their top five pass catchers from 2012.  All four of those ultra-elite QB’s have stable situations on the offensive line and amongst their receivers heading into 2014 – at least heading into training camp, before the injuries start to strike.

That being said, Peyton Manning had an 82.9 QBR last year.  The only season in his career with a better QBR than that came back in 2006, the same season that he earned his lone Super Bowl ring. Peyton’s QB rating was nearly 20 points higher than his career average.   Will he feel the loss of second leading receiver Eric Decker?  Will he succumb to the curse of the Super Bowl loser? Will he finally get old; on the wrong side of his 38th birthday? 

I think it’s safe to say that Peyton certainly can’t improve on last year’s numbers – at least a modest decline is likely.  And that’s one of the primary reasons why I wouldn’t even consider betting the Broncos Over their 11 or 11.5 season win total – there’s no upside at the QB position.  Well, that and the fact that I’ve never bet a football team (NFL or college) over 11.5 wins in my career as a sportsbettor; especially a team that plays a schedule as tough as the Broncos do this year.

An elite level QB goes a long, long way into turning a mediocre team into a good one or a good team into a great one.  Which quarterbacks could be primed to join the elites listed above in 2014?  I’ll have an answer for you in Part 2 of this article next week; a space that I wrote about Russell Wilson last year.

Teddy Covers NFL Season O/U Wins Report [68-29 70% lifetime, 10-1 91% 20*s] $199 
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NFL Gambling: Using Strength of Schedule to Handicap Season Over/Under Wins Part II

07.28.2014     06:48 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
Two weeks ago in this space, I looked back at last year’s final NFL standings and discussed the impact of strength of schedule models on those results.  I differentiated between mainstream widely available numbers for the 2013 strength of schedule (simply adding up wins and losses for every opponent) and my own formula, relying on power rating numbers from the week that the game was played. 

The goal was simple – getting more accurate numbers to properly assess last year’s results in a strength of schedule context as a starting point for 2014.

We’re done with last year now. This week, I’ll focus on the 2014 NFL strength of schedule as they relate to season win totals.  Once again, my goal is to differentiate between the mainstream numbers and the meaningful ones.

Google “2014 NFL Strength of Schedule” and you’ll find countless charts exactly like the one below…

2014 NFL Strength of Schedule (Generic)
Opponent Win Pct.
Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos
St. Louis Rams
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
Kansas City Chiefs
Arizona Cardinals
New York Jets
New England Patriots
Atlanta Falcons
Miami Dolphins
Green Bay Packers
Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
Carolina Panthers
Cincinnati Bengals
New Orleans Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns
New York Giants
Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans
Indianapolis Colts

The standard mainstream formula is simple: Take every opponent’s wins from last year and every opponent’s losses, add them up and voila, you’ve got numbers showing that the four teams from the AFC South face the four easiest schedules in the NFL with the AFC North teams not far behind.  On the hard side, it’s all about the teams out West, with the eight toughest schedules coming from AFC West and NFC West teams.

The good news for us is that this information is widely available and quoted everywhere.  The oddsmakers use this information when setting their season Over/Under win totals for the upcoming season.  In addition, much of the betting marketplace relies on these numbers when making their own wagers. 

This is good news for us because the win-loss record of last year’s teams means very little in reality when it comes to projecting three things.  First, how good those teams actually were to earn those varying records.  Second, how tough a schedule those teams faced to earn that win-loss record.  And third, how good those teams will actually be in 2014, as opposed to how good they were last year.

I’ve already focused on how tough a schedule every team faced to earn their record from 2013.  Now the focus shifts towards how good their opponents actually are supposed to be this year!  Again, the concept is simple and makes perfect sense, but it requires a fair bit of work to execute. 

The wiseguy or advanced metric methodology is not based on last year’s, win-loss records.  Rather, they’re based on the projected strength and weaknesses of each team in 2014, based on THIS YEAR’s current Over/Under win totals as set by the betting marketplace. The current juice (vig) is factored into the equation as well, using the standard wiseguy formula of 50 cents of juice equating to approximately half of a win. 

An end-of-the-season analysis, year after year, will show that trying to use the mainstream numbers for any type of serious betting is an exercise in futility – they’re consistently wrong, from top to bottom. Look at last year for some clear illustrations of why this formula is so flawed.  Coming into 2013, the mainstream formula said that the Carolina Panthers would face the toughest schedule in the league, with Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore and Green Bay not far behind.  On the easy end of the spectrum were the Broncos, Chargers, Colts, Raiders, Chiefs, Texans and Bills.

When we looked at the actual results at the end of the season, we saw a completely different picture than those mainstream projections.  The toughest slates in the NFL were faced by St. Louis, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta, Denver and Indy.  The mainstream formula got the Broncos and Colts laughably wrong and didn’t come close on three of the other five.

Meanwhile, Detroit, Baltimore and Green Bay faced three of the easiest schedules in the league (not the hardest, as projected) along with KC, Oakland and Philly.  The mainstream method got only one right on this side of the equation; the type of numbers that can legitimately hurt bettors who take them seriously.

Bettors who concentrated on 2013 strength of schedule numbers based on season win totals – the formula I’m touting here – had a much better chance to accurately predict how tough or weak any team’s schedule was going to be.   For example, Minnesota, Washington and Baltimore (all of whom went Under their season win totals) were the first three teams I discussed in this space last year as facing ‘tougher than projected’ slates. 
So, what do the advanced metric numbers show for 2014?  The toughest schedules aren’t just concentrated in two divisions (AFC West and NFC West) like they are with the mainstream formula.  My numbers show that Oakland, Arizona, Carolina and Minnesota face the four toughest slates. 

On the easy end of the spectrum, again, it’s not just about two divisions (AFC South and AFC North) like the mainstream formula shows.  Yes, Houston, Tennessee, Cleveland and Pittsburgh rank among the easiest, but Cinci faces an above average SOS and Jacksonville’s is the toughest in their division (because, obviously, they don’t face themselves twice). Other notable easier than average slates include New England and Washington, neither of whom merits attention in that regard from any mainstream formula.

Developing accurate strength of schedule numbers for the upcoming campaign is no easy task, but these wiseguy numbers are absolutely essential when it comes to accurately predicting final regular season records.  Bettors who do their homework in this area have a legitimate edge over bettors who don’t.

Teddy Covers NFL Season O/U Wins Report [68-29 70% lifetime, 10-1 91% 20*s] $199 
With an unprecedented track record dating back well over a decade, Teddy Covers' NFL Season O/U Wins Report remains a must-have for every kind of football bettor. Over a 13-year span, Teddy's clients have been rewarded with an outstanding 68-29 70% winning mark including an incredible 10-1, 91% with TC's top rated 20* Big Tickets. Last year's 20*, the Kansas City Chiefs Over 7.5, cashed before Halloween! As always, Teddy's recommendations will include detailed written analysis. The first release is just around the corner in late July followed by any additional selections after Week 3 of the preseason. Purchase now and lock in all the plays for the incredibly low price of $199.

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MLB Handicapper Free Play: Washington Nationals at Cincinnati Reds

07.26.2014     09:02 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Teddy Covers

Washington (Gonzalez) +105 at Cincinnati (Cueto) O/U 7 
Recommendation: Washington
My clients and I have cashed several winning bets against the Reds during their current 0-7 post-All Star Break slide. Cincinnati remains an overvalued, ice cold ‘bet-against’ squad today, even with ace Johnny Cueto on the hill.  The Reds lineup defines the word ‘anemic’ these days, held to three runs or less in every loss; scoring just 13 runs overall during this seven game skid. With Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto on the DL, I’m not expecting any sort of immediate turnaround either.

The advanced metric stats clearly show that Cueto is due for some regression.  His .228 BABIP (batting average allowed on balls in play) is simply unsustainable; hence his FIP that’s a full run higher than his ERA.  Cueto has suffered through high pitch counts in each of his last two starts, needing 112 pitches to last through five innings of work against the Yankees in his last outing. The Reds bullpen behind him ranks #25 in MLB in team ERA this year.

That stands in sharp contrast to the Nationals relief corps, currently sitting with the third best bullpen ERA in the majors.  And Gio Gonzalez is primed for a strong bounceback effort today after getting lit up by the Brewers in his last outing.  His quote? “It's one of those games where you have to brush under the rug.  Nine days off, it didn't help."  Gonzalez has dominated this Cincinnati lineup before, with a 1.00 ERA and 32 strikeouts in just 27 innings of work against them over four starts.

Reds manager Brian Price makes a strong bet-against case for his squad as well.  “It's just really a mental game. When we were going good before the break, nobody was pressing. Now, everybody's pressing."

Washington comes into this one with great momentum and positive team chemistry despite Ryan Zimmerman heading on the DL.  The Nationals have taken over first place in the NL East with 15 wins in their last 21 games including seven of their last nine; plating 52 runs (almost six per game) during that span.  Ride the hot and fade the cold with the Nationals in afternoon action on Saturday. 

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MLB Handicapper Free Play: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers

07.25.2014     10:18 AM     Rob Veno     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Rob Veno blog entry.
Oakland (Hammel) -170 at Texas (Williams) O/U 9.5 
Recommendation: Over
Not so sure A’s RH starter Jason Hammel’s return to the American League will be as good of a thing as the club may have thought it would be. Hammel’s initial start as an AL pitcher versus an AL club (albeit one that knew him) was a disaster as Baltimore lit him up for five runs and six hits in two innings. Hammel needed 58 pitches to get through that pair of innings and despite facing the drastically different Texas lineup tonight, the feeling here is he’ll have difficulties again. Even deeper than the switch back to facing nine hitter AL offenses, the last couple of starts by Hammel hint that a regression is taking place. Combined over his last two outings, he’s posted these numbers: 7 IP / 12 H / 7 ER / 5 BB-5K / 3HR / 22.43 PPI / 2.43 WHIP / 9.00 ERA. Figure Texas to notch 4+ runs tonight even with their novice laden lineup. Oakland on the other hand should have no problem with the Rangers journeyman fill-in starter Jerome Williams. Williams has struggled this year out of the bullpen going 1-4 with a 6.04 ERA for Houston before Texas picked him up on waivers. Oakland destroys average to below average RH pitching and late July in Arlington is a venue tailor made for their productive offense. Number is high at 9.5 but it shouldn’t be all that difficult for these offenses to get this game up and “over” the total.

Rob Veno has been on an AMAZING long term tear eclipsing the 100/60/50 club recording +120.20 units in all sports dating back to the start of 2013, +66.69 units in 2014 and +56.48 units in MLB. Today, he comes in with a sweet 10* MLB Runline Play Of The Day. Cash in on Rob's winning ways for only $20; guaranteed to win or his next selection is on the house. 

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CFL Handicapper Free Play: Calgary Stampeders @ Edmonton Eskimos

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Submitted by ICC blog entry.
Calgary at Edmonton O/U 49.5

Recommendation: Under

There has already been a 3 point drop in this total which now sits at 49.5 for the most part but I still think we have enough wiggle room to give the Under a small recommendation in this Battle Of Alberta with current possession of 1st place in the West Division at stake between the 3-0 Calgary Stampeders and the 4-0 Edmonton Eskimos--a game that can be seen live on ESPN2 tonight. The defenses have led the way and have been dominant for both teams this season and I see no reason for that to change tonight. Calgary has yielded just 30 points in their first three games combined which equates to a 10 points per game average which is extraordinary while Edmonton has given up 58 points in their first four games for a very impressive 14.5 points per game average of their own. Both teams are capable of playing blanket coverage down the field in the secondary as well as over the middle and they can both stop the run. Calgary and Edmonton are ranked 1st and 2nd respectively in points allowed and rushing yards allowed in the CFL. The Stampeders and Eskimos are a combined 7-0 to the Under this season and 6 of those 7 games had fewer points scored than the current total of 49.5 for this game. With this being such an important game, I expect it to be played very tight to the vest on both sides and look for this game to stay Under the total.

ICC CFL Week 5 Card [5-1 83% CFL Last Week | 5 Plays At Discounted Rate] $59

Ian Cameron hammered the books in the CFL last week with a wicked 5-1 83% CFL Week 4 card including a 20* Main Event winner and he's back this week with another strong CFL card for Week 5 consisting of five plays! You'll get his 20* CFL Saturday Main Event and four 10* CFL reports for the discounted rate of $59. The package must produce a profit or Ian's next CFL card is free.

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CFL Week 4 Betting News and Notes

07.23.2014     07:33 PM     ICC     Printer Friendly
Submitted by ICC blog entry.
Here is my CFL Week 4 News & Notes as I take a look at each team in the CFL providing observations, analysis and a glimpse into what is to come for all 9 CFL teams following Week 4. 
Toronto Argonauts (1-3 SU, 1-3 ATS)

The frustrations were clearly evident with the Argos after their painful 18-17 loss to the expansion Ottawa Redblacks in what was Ottawa’s first home game since rejoining the CFL this season. Toronto finally got a strong performance from their rebuilt defense but oddly enough it was QB Ricky Ray and the offense (the supposed strongest part of the team) that simply couldn’t get anything going as they sputtered with stalled drives, turnovers and penalties throughout the game. It was a game that was there for the taking for Toronto but they just couldn’t make any key plays to turn it into a win. Now they sit at 1-3 after wasting a great performance from the defense and now must face the well-rested and likely angry Saskatchewan Roughriders who are coming off their bye and it’s worth noting Saskatchewan lost their game before the bye to this very Argos team in Toronto 48-15 back in Week 2. Toronto will need to find step up contributors on offense particularly from their injury decimated receiving corps if they hope to go into Regina and emerge victorious this week.

Montreal Alouettes (1-3 SU, 1-3 ATS)

Some things never change including Montreal’s inability to be competitive in BC. The Alouettes were once again shellacked by the Lions in Vancouver this past week in a 41-5 loss making them 0-4 SU and ATS in their last 4 games played in BC since 2011 while being outscored to the whopping tune of 163-30! Montreal’s offense was coming off their best performance of the season by far in Week 3 despite a tough 34-33 loss to Winnipeg but this game was a big step backward for Montreal’s offense and QB Troy Smith who was beyond terrible completing just 5-for-17 passing and 45 yards. He was replaced in the 4th Qtr by Tanner Marsh when the game was already way out of hand. The offense was shut completely down as Smith never got any sort of rhythm going in the passing game nor could they effectively run the football with Brandon Whitaker. The defense didn’t play all that great either but they did their best to keep Montreal in the game for as long as possible but quite simply the Alouettes did not move the football at all and went right back to the struggles of the first two weeks. The questions about having a new QB, reshuffled offensive line and a first time coordinator will all start being asked once again as Montreal goes into their bye week here in Week 4.

Ottawa Redblacks (1-2 SU, 1-2 ATS)

Ottawa reached down and pulled out a hard fought victory in their first home game as a franchise at the brand new TD Place. The defense remains the team’s strength as I figured it would be with head coach Rick Campbell’s defensive background shining through. They held down a very good QB in Ricky Ray albeit with Toronto missing arguably their three top receivers but there are concerns on the offensive side of the football as QB Henry Burris and the Redblacks managed to win without scoring a single TD. They got away with being unable to finish drives last week but it may not be quite as easy on the road this week even against a winless Hamilton squad.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-3 SU, 2-1 ATS)

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have managed to be profitable with a 2-1 ATS record through three games despite not having won yet. Hamilton played well enough to win in Calgary last week as their defense rose to the occasion and shut down the Stampeders but their own offense along with turnovers and a costly bad hold on a FG attempt which could have tied the game late all came back to haunt Hamilton. I still believe this team has the capability of being the Grey Cup contender we thought they would be entering the season but the offense simply must get better and it all starts with the offensive line a) getting healthier and b) playing much better. At this point it doesn’t matter who is at QB between injured #1 Zach Collaros or his backups Dan LeFevour or Jeremiah Masoli, the bottom line is the Ticats offensive line is not good enough at this point and must improve for Hamilton to start winning games. Collaros has already been ruled out for this Saturday’s “home opener” against Ottawa which has been moved to the McMaster University campus stadium in Hamilton due to the fact the brand new Tim Hortons Field is not quite ready to host a game. It will be either Dan LeFevour or Jeremiah Masoli at QB on Saturday but after Masoli’s struggles with accuracy last week in Calgary, my $$ would have to be on LeFevour getting the call at QB this week for Hamilton.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (3-1 SU, 3-1 ATS)

The early season joy about an unexpected 3-0 start came to a crashing halt last week for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as they were soundly dominated from start to finish by the Edmonton Eskimos in a 26-3 home loss. For the first time this season, Winnipeg’s offense was ineffective as QB Drew Willy had his worst game of the season completing less than 50% of his passes without a single TD and he also threw a costly pick six early in the game. The Edmonton defensive front was way too powerful for Winnipeg to handle as Willy didn’t have much time to get rid of the football throughout the game. RB Nic Grigsby was also held in check by that same dominating Edmonton defense as he was kept to just 50 yards rushing. Winnipeg’s defense played well to start the game but Edmonton eventually got their offense going and were able to wear down a tired Blue Bombers defense late. Winnipeg heads to BC to face a Lions team that has won back-to-back games in impressive fashion and will be good evidence whether or not the Blue Bombers have staying power to compete in the very tough West Division or if they were playing a little bit over their heads to get to that 3-0 start.

Edmonton Eskimos (4-0 SU, 4-0 ATS)

Calgary is tied with Edmonton for 1st place in the West and overall but Edmonton is the only team entering Week 5 with an unblemished 4-0 ATS mark from a pointspread perspective. The Eskimos have been the early season surprise story I thought they could be but I never expected them to be this good, this soon. Edmonton’s defense certainly has been the best in the CFL with all due respect to Calgary which also has played extremely well defensively so far. The Eskimos are doing it with a focused, intense, winning attitude exuded by first year head coach Chris Jones and the defense is leading the way for them by playing ferocious along the defensive line in terms of both stopping the run and getting pressure on opposing QB’s as well as a secondary that has been locking down some of the better receivers in coverage down the field. There is probably still room for improvement with Edmonton’s offense as QB Mike Reilly still needs to work on his deep ball accuracy but his short to intermediate throws have been on target and the ground game has really improved the last 2 weeks since John White (who played his College Football at Utah) took over as the starting RB. Edmonton faces provincial rival Calgary in a showdown of unbeaten teams in the West on Thursday night in a game that should give the Eskimos another chance to show just how much they have improved.

Calgary Stampeders (3-0 SU, 2-1 ATS)

It wasn’t pretty but the Calgary Stampeders got the job done squeaking out an ugly 10-7 home win against Hamilton last week. The Calgary offense didn’t look out of place in their 34-15 win against Toronto despite being without a handful of key offensive weapons including RB Jon Cornish and that could have been a product of getting to prepare for that game after a bye but the offense struggled like most expected they would without their workhorse RB against Hamilton. QB Bo Levi Mitchell never really got anything going in the passing game and Calgary’s offense really was made up of a couple key 1st down throws and their TD came on a gadget play that ended in a Brad Sinopoli TD run. The defense was the difference though and held their 3rd straight opponent to 15 points or less getting another phenomenal game from their stop unit. The Stamps are hoping to get some bodies back to that depleted offense for their 1st place showdown against the Eskimos on Thursday night and they will need an offense at much better strength this week if they hope to go on the road and knock off the red hot Edmonton Eskimos.

Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-2 SU, 1-2 ATS)

Saskatchewan had their bye last week so we won’t go into detail discussing them but it will be interesting to see if the Roughriders can build on B2B pointspread covers for teams coming off a bye week when they host the Toronto Argonauts here in Week 5 laying nearly a TD in that contest. The problem might be they entered the bye out of sync on both sides of the football and will need to prove they can get things together on both offense and defense.

BC Lions (2-2 SU, 2-2 ATS)

The BC Lions are starting to look like the West Division and Grey Cup contenders we expected them to be prior to the season especially with Vancouver hosting this year’s Grey Cup game in November. We’ve seen their offense really come to life with the resurgence of QB Kevin Glenn and RB Andrew Harris plus the return of their best WR Emmanuel Arceneaux from injury. The Lions defense has also been tremendous in their two straight wins getting consistent pressure up front along the defensive line and have also done a good job stopping the run. BC has knocked off Saskatchewan on the road and Montreal at home in B2B games by a combined score of 67-18 and they have their swagger back as they prepare to host Winnipeg this week.

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Tags: CFL Ian Cameron

MLB Handicapper Free Play: New York Mets at Seattle Mariners

07.22.2014     09:02 AM     Sammy P Sports     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Sammy P Sports blog entry.
NY Mets (DeGrom) at Seattle (Ramirez) -110 O/U 7.5 
Recommendation: Seattle

The Seattle Mariners got the job last night against the NY Mets in a 5-2 win. The score wasn't indicative of the game as the Mariners hit the ball all over the park on Mets starter Jon Niese and deserved to put up more runs.  Seattle has been able to hang around the wildcard playoff race with a 53-46 record.  Playing in the difficult AL West has been a challenge, but the starting pitching has been Seattle's saving grace.  The Mariners have Erasmo Ramirez on the mound tonight as they look to rest over worked starters Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma another day.  Ramirez hasn't had the prettiest of starts this season, but he has turned the corner as of late giving up just two earned runs in his last four starts.  Jacob deGrom takes the hill for the Mets tonight and this young starter has been impressive at times.  The Mets just don't have the bats to take advantage of a weaker starter being plugged into the rotation here.  New York has now lost three straight games and they've scored just 3 runs in those losses.  Seattle is getting a very cheap price here at home.  Back the better team at home tonight.

Tags: MLB New York Mets Seattle Mariners Sammy P

MLB Handicapper Free Play: Tampa Bay Rays at St. Louis Cardinals

07.22.2014     08:59 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
Tampa Bay (Odorizzi) +140 at St. Louis (Wainwright) O/U 7 
Recommendation: Tampa Bay

In general, I’m comfortable laying a bit more juice in the second half of the MLB season than I am in the first half, simply because there tend to be a good handful of pretty bad teams that stop showing up after the All-Star Break.  These are teams that are profitable to fade at every reasonable opportunity, even if you have to lay a price to do so. 
For example, my clients and I bet against the Rockies last night, laying in the -140/-145 range with a road favorite.  Washington won 7-2 as the Rockies stumbled and bumbled their way to a sixth consecutive defeat.

At the same time, you’ll find some very attractively priced ‘live’ underdogs post-break, and I tend to widen my range towards bigger dogs like this one.  There are consistently solid opportunities for fading favorites that shouldn’t be laying big prices (think 2012 Red Sox and Braves in September or the Rangers last year) or riding teams that are playing far better baseball than their full season stats would indicate.

The latter of the two is the case here.  Tampa Bay isn’t playing like a last place team that’s six games under .500.  Rather, the Rays have won five straight and 16 of their last 21 with a lineup that’s finally hitting and a pitching staff that is shutting everybody down (only six runs allowed in Minnesota over the weekend).

The Rays are catching Adam Wainwright off-rhythm following his All Star Game appearance when he “grooved one” to Derek Jeter and gave up three runs in an inning. Wainwright hasn’t really been stretched out in ten days.  And it’s surely worth noting that key Tampa bats James Loney, Evan Longoria, Jose Molina and Ben Zobrist all have hit .333 or better against Wainwright in their careers, a combined 17-39 (.435).

The Cardinals are not a very good hitting team and Jake Odorizzi has, very quietly, allowed only eleven runs in his last seven starts; dominating repeatedly, with advanced metric stats that show his current form is not entirely flukish.  That makes the Rays a clear choice for me at this attractive underdog price.

Tags: MLB Tampa Rays St. Louis Cardinals Teddy Covers

MLB Handicapper Free Play: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels

07.19.2014     08:05 AM     Andrew Lange     Printer Friendly
Submitted by Andrew Lange blog entry.
Seattle (Hernandez) at LA Angels (Richards) -105 O/U 6.5 
Recommendation: Under

Expecting a playoff atmosphere is Anaheim tonight with the Mariners and Angels sending their two respective aces to the hill. Back in early May, Felix Hernandez had one of their weirdest outings of his career where he failed to record a strikeout in a 6.1 inning outing against Oakland. Since then, he's been arguably the best pitcher in baseball with a 1.77 ERA and incredible 101-13 K-to-BB ratio over 12 starts. In two games vs. the Angels this season, the King has been dominant with only three earned runs and 20 strikeouts in 14.2 IP. Garrett Richards may be new to the "elite scene" but his stuff is as good as anyone in baseball. He too has been dialed in with a stellar 1.27 ERA over his last eight outings. Richards is on pace for a 200-inning season so there's slight concern for some sort of swoon or dead arm period but he's been able to maintain his velocity and comes into tonight's game off extended rest thanks to the All-Star break. Marathon 16-inning affair last night with both bullpens worked but out of the break the top relief arms should be good to go if need be. Expect a 3-2, 4-2 type game as we come in on the UNDER.

Tags: MLB Seattle Mariners Los Angeles Angels Andrew Lange

Football Betting Podcast 7-18-2014 with Sportsmemo Handicappers Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning

07.18.2014     12:11 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Friday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning. Teddy preview the NFC South while Erin and host Andrew Lange talked Big Ten West.

Today's segments 
Full Show

Teddy Covers - NFC South Preview

Erin Rynning - Big Ten West Preview

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

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Tags: NFL College Football Big Ten Teddy Covers Erin Rynning

CFL Handicapper Free Play: Toronto Argonauts Ottawa RedBlacks

07.18.2014     11:56 AM     ICC     Printer Friendly
Submitted by ICC blog entry.
Toronto at Ottawa +1.5 O/U 53 
Recommendation: Ottawa

After last week’s 27-11 loss in Edmonton – one they may have looked past – the Ottawa RedBlacks will host their first home game in nine years since the last franchise folded. Ottawa players have been talking all week about how big of a moment this is for the organization and city so I'm expecting a Grey Cup-level of focus and intensity. As poorly as their offense played in the loss to Edmonton, quarterback Henry Burris and the Redblacks are taking a severe step down in defensive class vs. Toronto. The Argos’ defense is completely rebuilt and it showed with 79 points allowed in two of their first three games. Toronto should be the ideal foe for the Ottawa offense to move the football. Toronto's offense is also going through its share of ups and downs. Quarterback Ricky Ray is a veteran who normally bounces back strong after a bad game but he’s working with a very depleted receiving corps which will be playing without their top three weapons – Chad Owens, Jason Barnes and Andre Durie are all out indefinitely due to injury. That pretty much leaves Toronto with one reliable target, John Chiles. Making matters worse for the Argos is their inability to run the football with just 95 rushing yards per game through three weeks. Ottawa's defense has been solid so far and they allowed just 11 points through three quarters against Edmonton before wearing down in the fourth. This is a spot that is too good to ignore and I’m projecting the home squad to score its first win of the season.

Ian Cameron 20* CFL Game Of The Month [Goes Friday; 60-47 56% CFL Lifetime] $29 
Sportsmemo's CFL expert Ian Cameron is off to a great start for Week 4 after sweeping the board last night. Friday's card is highlighted by his one and only 20* CFL Game Of The Month supporting a team in a great situation at a great price as Ian looks to build on his 60-47 56% CFL Lifetime record. You can get it complete with detailed written analysis for $29 and it is guaranteed to cash or his next CFL Football report is free.

Tags: CFL Toronto Argonauts Ottawa RedBlacks Ian Cameron

College Football Betting: LSU confident OC Cameron will make winner out of new QB

07.18.2014     08:01 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
On yesterday's Sportsmemo Podcast we talked a little bit about LSU's precarious quarterback situation with Zach Mettenberger now graduated and three others transferring to new schools. That leads the Tigers with only two scholarship signal callers (sophomore Anthony Jennings and freshman Brandon Harris) plus a few walk-ons. Jennings played some last year (29 attempts) but Les Miles is reportedly "in love with" Harris. And speaking of Miles, he of course doesn't seem concerned with any the "issues" facing this year's squad. For example, since 2011 21 LSU players have left early for the NFL draft. That's more than double the amount of Alabama (9). Perhaps having Cam Cameron as your offensive coordinator is helping alleviate the sting of losing all of that talent. In Cameron's first season as OC, LSU's offensive numbers were significantly improved across the board compared to recent seasons (see stats below). LSU is currently the third choice to win the SEC West at +250 behind Auburn (+200) and Alabama (-250).

“Cam Cameron, a guy who’s made a career mentoring quarterbacks, is our offensive coordinator, will do the exactly right things with those guys. You’ll see how well a freshman can execute at quarterback.”

“So, what generally seems to me to be our position is, ‘Don't bother us. We don't care. We just want to work. We want to improve. We want to play one game at a time. We want to point at the next opponent,’” he said. “We understand that doesn't mean that we're in the immediate talk, but, if we continue to do the things we've done in the past, we'll earn our way.”

Under OC Greg Studrawa  
2011 total offense: 355.1 ypg 
2011 passing offense: 152.5 ypg

2012 total offense: 374.2 ypg 
2012 passing offense: 200.5 ypg

Under OC Cam Cameron 
2013 total offense: 453.3 ypg 
2013 passing offense: 251.0 ypg

Tags: College Football LSU Tigers SEC

Football Betting Podcast 7-17-2014 with Sportsmemo Handicappers Brent Crow and Ian Cameron

07.17.2014     10:44 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Thursday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Brent Crow and Ian Cameron. Brent and host Andrew Lange talked SEC quarterbacks while Ian previewed Week 4 of the CFL.

Today's segments 
Full Show

Brent Crow - SEC Quarterbacks

Ian Cameron - CFL Week 4

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

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Tags: College Football SEC CFL Brent Crow Ian Cameron

New Jersey racetrack to offer football betting contests

07.17.2014     07:03 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
New Jersey's Meadowlands Racetrack will be offering a quasi-form of sports betting this football season. CG Technology (Cantor) is able to sidestep the current laws because it isn't putting up its own money and there are guaranteed winners each week.

“I believe we have the nicest sports bar in New Jersey, but I was a little disappointed that we didn’t draw larger crowds last fall,” Gural said. “The most popular sport to watch at sports bars is football, and we think this will get a lot of people to come.”

Tags: College Football SEC CFL Brent Crow Ian Cameron

College Football Gambling: UNLV regains bowl eligibility

07.17.2014     06:39 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
There was some confusion on yesterday's Sportsmemo Podcast regarding UNLV's "status" with the NCAA due to various academic shortcomings. Following their first bowl berth since 2000, the Rebels were initially banned from the 2014-15 postseason due to a low APR score. At the time, it was the first such ban for a FBS school in the APR's 10-year history – which seems ridiculously odd. Not that UNLV's kids weren’t tanking classes but that out of a 10-year span and over 120 teams, UNLV's kids were the only ones tanking classes. Fast forward to late June and due to a "miscalculation" by the NCAA, the Rebels are back to being postseason eligible. There are still lingering issues like potential player transfers as well as the 13-game schedule UNLV put together as a result of the initial ban. Now they must go 7-6 as oppose to 6-6 in order to go bowling. And speaking of the schedule, this year is a significant step up in class compared to 2013-14. Last season UNLV played seven homes whereas this year's slate features seven road games including non-conference contests at Arizona and BYU. There are also three-straight road games in late September/early October and back-to-back road games vs. BYU and Hawaii in November.

Tags: College Football UNLV Rebels Mountain West

MLB Handicapping: Schedule becomes Baltimore's biggest obstacle

07.17.2014     06:00 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
The Baltimore Orioles own a four-game lead in the American League East and are a -120 favorite to win the division (5Dimes) but due to their second half strength of schedule, bettors may want to take a look at the odds for the other four teams (a bet on the field is only -120). The O's open the second half with a 10-game West Coast road trip against Oakland (No. 1 in MLB in run differential), LA Angels (No. 2 run diff), and Seattle (No. 4 run diff). They then return home to play six more against the Angels and Mariners. Then there is a make-up game vs. Washington (No. 3 run diff) and three-game sets at Toronto and vs. St. Louis. As pointed out my ESPN's Buster Olney, Baltimore's first 26 out of the All-Star break are against teams with records of .500 or better. And we'll also point out their 36/32 road game/home game split as well as the seven-game road trip against the Blue Jays and Yankees to close the season – which could determine the East winner and/or a wild card berth.

Tags: MLB

MLB Gambling: Adjusted Season Over/Under Wins

07.17.2014     05:36 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
5Dimes has posted adjusted MLB Season Over/Under Wins. We stacked them up with LVH's original full season numbers as well as each team's current record. Coupled with 5Dimes' divisional odds you can get an idea of the betting markets’ second half projections. For example, St. Louis (1 game behind Milwaukee) is expected to win the National League Central by three games. The Cardinals are +125 to win the Central while the Brewers are +240. Similar situation in the NL East with Washington and Atlanta currently tied (Washington has played two fewer games). The Nationals are lined 88.5 adjusted and the Braves 86.5. The Nats are a -185 division favorite. In the AL East, Baltimore owns a four-game lead and is a -120 division favorite. The Orioles however have what many are calling a brutal second half schedule.

2014 MLB Adjusted Season Over/Under Wins
5Dimes Adjusted
1st Half Record
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Kansas City
LA Angels
LA Dodgers
NY Mets
NY Yankees
San Diego
San Francisco
St. Louis
Tampa Bay

Tags: MLB

NFL Handicapping: 2014-15 Schedule Partners

07.16.2014     02:09 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
We posted this earlier this spring but worth another look for those who missed it.

Below is a schedule breakdown for the upcoming 2014-15 NFL season. Each team plays its division mates twice (six games). Each division is paired up with fellow division within the conference (ex. AFC East plays AFC West; AFC South plays AFC North; NFC East plays NFC West; NFC South plays NFC North; four games). Each team also plays two other games within the conference against teams that placed the same (ex. Buffalo placed fourth in the AFC East and plays fellow fourth place finishers, Houston and Cleveland). Lastly, each division is paired with another division in the other conference (ex. AFC East plays the NFC North; four games). For the curious, here's a link to last year's breakdown so you can compare.

2014-15 NFL Schedule Breakdown
AFC East
AFC Partners (West)
NFC North
at Houston, vs. Cleveland
at Chicago, at Detroit, vs. Minnesota, vs. Green Bay
at Jacksonville, vs. Baltimore
vs. Green Bay, at Chicago, at Detroit, vs. Minnesota
New England
vs. Cincinnati, at Indianapolis
at Minnesota, vs. Chicago, vs. Detroit, at Green Bay
NY Jets
vs. Pittsburgh, at Tennessee
at Green Bay, vs. Chicago, vs. Detroit, at Minnesota
AFC West
AFC Partners (East)
NFC West
vs. Indianapolis, at Cincinnati
at Seattle, vs. Arizona vs. San Francisco, at St. Louis
Kansas City
vs. Tennessee, at Pittsburgh
at San Francisco, vs. St. Louis, vs. Seattle, at Arizona
vs. Houston, at Cleveland
vs. Arizona, at Seattle, at St. Louis, vs. San Francisco
San Diego
vs. Jacksonville, at Baltimore
at Arizona, vs. Seattle, vs. St. Louis, at San Francisco
AFC South
AFC Partners (North)
NFC East
at Oakland, vs. Buffalo
vs. Washington, at NY Giants, at Dallas, vs. Philadelphia
at Denver, vs. New England
vs. Philadelphia, at NY Giants, vs. Washington, at Dallas
at San Diego, vs. Miami
at Philadelphia, at Washington, vs. Dallas, vs. NY Giants
at Kansas City, vs. NY Jets
vs. Dallas, at Washington, at Philadelphia, vs. NY Giants
AFC North
AFC Partners (South)
NFC South
vs. San Diego, at Miami
vs. Carolina, at Tampa Bay, vs. Atlanta, at New Orleans
at New England, vs. Denver
vs. Atlanta, vs. Carolina, at New Orleans, at Tampa Bay
vs. Oakland, at Buffalo
vs. New Orleans, vs. Tampa Bay, at Atlanta, at Carolina
at NY Jets, vs. Kansas City
at Carolina, vs. Tampa Bay, vs. New Orleans, at Atlanta
NFC East
NFC Partners (West)
AFC South
vs. New Orleans, at Chicago
at Tennessee, vs. Houston, vs. Jacksonville, vs. Indianapolis
NY Giants
at Detroit, vs. Atlanta
vs. Houston, vs. Indianapolis, at Jacksonville, at Tennessee
vs. Carolina, at Green Bay
vs. Jacksonville, at Indianapolis, at Houston, vs. Tennessee
at Minnesota, vs. Tampa Bay
at Houston, vs. Jacksonville, vs. Tennessee, at Indianapolis
NFC West
NFC Partners (East)
AFC West
vs. Detroit, at Atlanta
vs. San Diego, at Denver, vs. Oakland, vs. Kansas City
San Francisco
vs. Chicago, at New Orleans
vs. Kansas City, at Denver, at Oakland, vs. San Diego
vs. Green Bay, at Carolina
at San Diego, vs. Denver, vs. Oakland, at Kansas City
St. Louis
at Tampa Bay, vs. Minnesota
at Kansas City, vs. Denver, at San Diego, vs. Oakland
NFC South
NFC Partners (North)
AFC North
at NY Giants, vs. Arizona
at Cincinnati, at Baltimore, vs. Cleveland, vs. Pittsburgh
vs. Seattle, at Philadelphia
vs. Pittsburgh, at Baltimore, at Cincinnati, vs. Cleveland
New Orleans
at Dallas, vs. San Francisco
at Cleveland, vs. Cincinnati, vs. Baltimore, at Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay
vs. St. Louis, at Washington
at Pittsburgh, vs. Baltimore, at Cleveland, vs. Cincinnati
NFC North
NFC Partners (South)
AFC East
at San Francisco, vs. Dallas
vs. Buffalo, at NY Jets, vs. Miami, at New England
vs. NY Giants, at Arizona
at NY Jets, vs. Buffalo, vs. Miami, at New England
Green Bay
at Seattle, vs. Philadelphia
vs. NY Jets, at Miami, vs. New England, at Buffalo
at St. Louis, vs. Washington
vs. New England, at Buffalo, vs. NY Jets, at Miami

Tags: NFL

Football Betting Podcast 7-16-2014 with Sportsmemo Handicappers Rob Veno and Teddy Covers

07.16.2014     11:14 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Wednesday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Rob Veno and Teddy Covers. Rob and host Andrew Lange broke down the Mountain West West Division while Teddy previewed the NFC West. 

Today's segments 
Full Show

Rob Veno - MWC West Division Preview

Teddy Covers - NFC West Preview

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: College Football Mountain West. NFL Rob Veno Teddy Covers

MLB Handicapping: Giants have second half scheduling edge over Dodgers

07.16.2014     08:32 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
After a torrid start to the season, the San Francisco Giants fell hard and come out the All-Star break one game behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West. But on paper, the second half schedule looks to heavily favor the Giants.

The Dodgers open with a nine-game road trip (at St. Louis, at Pittsburgh, and at San Francisco) and then return home for a three-game set vs. Atlanta. After a three-game series vs. the Cubs, LA plays its next 11 games vs. the Angels, Brewers, and Atlanta -- nine of those 11 on the highway. They also play six of their nine games vs. San Francisco on the road.

The Giants meanwhile don't play Atlanta or St. Louis and have 11 games vs. Philadelphia and New York. And 13 of their final 19 games are against Arizona and San Diego. The Dodgers do have the benefit of play the Giants and Rockies at home the final seven games of the year. 

Tags: MLB San Francisco Giants Los Angeles Dodgers

Las Vegas resident Pete Rose doesn't do the casino thing

07.16.2014     08:08 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
In a recent interview, Pete Rose claimed no one in the Reds' clubhouse knew he was betting on baseball. He also said that despite living in Las Vegas, he never goes to casinos.

“Baseball, to me, is a better game if I’m in it,” Rose said, repeating a line from a 2012 interview with WFAN’s Steve Somers. “Because of my passion for the game and for my love of young players, and for the way I like to develop young players. When I managed the Reds from ’84 to ’89, nobody in that clubhouse knew that I was making a bet. Nobody.”

“There are some people that think I’m wrong when I drive by a race track,” he said. “Drive by it. Don’t stop in it. OK? I’m not a casino gambler. And if you don’t believe me, just have someone follow me around. I go to work every day, I get off, I go get me a Subway salad, I go home and watch baseball on TV. (I) never go in a casino.”


Tags: Las Vegas

Sports bettor Billy Walters attempting to sell San Diego home

07.16.2014     07:56 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Billy Walters has put one of his homes up for sale – without reserve. It's located just outside of San Diego and was originally on the market for $20 million – Walters bought it for $8.5 million three and half years ago. So if you're not doing anything August 15 and have some extra cash laying around, it could be yours!

“I’m not concerned that’s going to happen,” says Walters, who teamed with Fredrik Jacobson to win the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2008. “I paid $8.5 million for it three and a half years ago, right in the crunch of the recession. My wife, Susan, and I spent a little over $7 million in hard costs completely renovating it, with her doing all the work. This is probably the nicest house in the whole San Diego area.”


Tags: Billy Walters

World Cup sports betting ring busted as Las Vegas casino

07.16.2014     07:47 AM     Printer Friendly
Huge illegal sports betting ring taken down at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace. One of the accused is high-stakes poker player Paul Phua. You can watch Las Vegas' KLAS report here.

Tags: Las Vegas

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