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NBA Playoff Gambling: Oddsmakers make big adjustments to Game 2 totals

04.16.2018     11:22 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Lot of adjustment being made to the Game 2 totals.

San Antonio-Golden State
Game 1 Opener: 210
Game 1 Closer: 205.5
Game 1 Result: 205 - UNDER
Game 2 Opener: 207
Game 2 Current: 205.5

Game 1 Opener: 211
Game 1 Closer: 213.5
Game 1 Result: 220 - OVER
Game 2 Opener: 215
Game 2 Current: 215

Game 1 Opener: 210
Game 1 Closer: 214
Game 1 Result: 233 - OVER
Game 2 Opener: 215.5
Game 2 Current: 215.5

New Orleans-Portland
Game 1 Opener: 216
Game 1 Closer: 216.5
Game 1 Result: 192 - UNDER
Game 2 Opener: 212.5
Game 2 Current: 214

Game 1 Opener: 203
Game 1 Closer: 199
Game 1 Result: 220 (OT) - OVER (198 at end of reg.)
Game 2 Opener: 199
Game 2 Current: 197

Game 1 Opener: 216.5
Game 1 Closer: 212.5
Game 1 Result: 178 - UNDER
Game 2 Opener: 208.5
Game 2 Current: 209

Utah-Oklahoma City
Game 1 Opener: 205
Game 1 Closer: 205
Game 1 Result: 224 - OVER
Game 2 Opener: 208
Game 2 Current: 206.5

Game 1 Opener: 217
Game 1 Closer: 215
Game 1 Result: 205 - UNDER
Game 2 Opener: 214
Game 2 Current: 212.5

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