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Sports betting ring taken down in New York

01.29.2015     02:05 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Geesh. We're still four days away from Super Bowl XLIX and they're already taking down gambling rings. Notice these things rarely take place during the summer, when 92% of the betting community has already quit on baseball and is gearing up for football.

The indictments “send a clear signal that when it comes to illegal gambling in Queens County, all bets are off,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

Sports Betting Podcast 1-29-2015 with Sportsmemo Handicappers Ian Cameron and Erin Rynning

01.29.2015     12:38 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Thursday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicappers Ian Cameron and Erin Rynning. Ian and host Andrew Lange broke down tonight's college basketball TV games while ER talked NBA.

Today's segments 
Full Show

Ian Cameron - College Basketball

Erin Rynning - NBA Every Game on the Board

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: College Basketball NBA Ian Cameron Erin Rynning

College Basketball Betting Free Play: Colorado Buffaloes at USC Trojans

01.29.2015     10:32 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly

Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
Colorado at USC +2.5 O/U 132.5 
Recommendation: USC

Colorado’s strong start and lofty preseason expectations (this team was picked to finish as high as third in the PAC-12 in the preseason polls) have fallen by the wayside with a barrage of injuries and attrition over the last few weeks.  Even after a confidence boosting blowout over Washington State last weekend, the Buffaloes have still lost six of their last nine ballgames.  Even more importantly for the purposes of this matchup, Tad Boyle’s squad is 0-fer the season on the highway, losing all six of their previous road games.  That includes losses as road favorites at Hawaii and at Wyoming in non-conference play. 
Buffs third leading scorer Xavier Johnson is a big question mark tonight, suffering from a sprained ankle and some off court issues.  Second leading scorer, leading rebounder and leading shot blocker Josh Scott has been suffering from back spasms, downgraded to ‘out’ for tonight’s contest.  The loss of that experienced duo has an enormous impact (particularly on the highway) for a team that lacks quality depth without them. 
This quote from head coach Tad Boyle isn’t exactly brimming with confidence when it comes to their short term success.  “The injury situation that we're dealing with is a negative thing in the short run. But in the long run it can be positive because hopefully Jaron (Hopkins) and others will be more confident when Josh Scott and Xavier Johnson come back." 
The Trojans are clearly getting better; coming off tight, spread covering losses at Oregon and Oregon State last week on the heels of a two point loss to Stanford the previous week  Head coach Andy Enfield has been urging his team to push the pace, which is not standard operating procedure in the PAC-12 these days; a fairly unique style of play.   USC played one of their worst games of the season in Boulder three weeks ago, but I’m expecting the rematch to be far more competitive! 

Tags: College Basketball Colorado Buffaloes USC Trojans PAC-12 Teddy Covers

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: Prop bets offer lots of opportunities

01.29.2015     08:48 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Betting Super Bowl props can be one of the most profitable times of year for bettors. With so many options, sportsbooks have varying liability and we see a lot more "opinion" from one shop to the next. Take this simple Marshawn Lynch Total Rushing Yards prop. We spent all of 10 minutes checking out where a few different shops stood with Lynch's yardage. Here is what we found.

Sportsbook A - O/U 92.5ov-140 
Sportsbook B - O/U 82.5ov-143 
Sportsbook C - O/U 83.5ov-140 
Sportsbook D - O/U 83.5ov-150 
Sportsbook E - O/U 82.5ov-160 
Sportsbook F - O/U 85.5ov-118

Crazy, huh? Sportsbook A is obviously in a position where it needs/wants action on the under. The same can be said to a lesser degree for Sportsbook F. And remember, this is a very popular and straightforward prop, meaning, for those willing to do a bit of digging, there are a ton of great betting options where the savvy bettor can almost guarantee at worst a small profit.

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: Betting public loads up on safety prop

01.29.2015     08:03 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Two of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets from the betting public have been "yes" on will there be a safety or overtime. Amazingly, the last three Super Bowls have featured a safety -- each time a big kick in the nuts to sportsbooks. According to Las Vegas' MGM, 70 of the first 71 bets on the safety prop were on "yes."

"This is a sign that people will bet anything," Jay Kornegay, vice president of race and sports operations at the SuperBook, said with a laugh. "We've got one ticket on Seattle scoring exactly four points at 9,999-to-1."

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: Las Vegas sportsbooks promote "Big Game" parties

01.28.2015     11:34 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Add the NFL to the list of things that suck. The other day we linked to a list of all of the Las Vegas sportsbooks hosting Super Bowl parties. There's one common theme: the sportsbooks aren't allowed to promote their party using the term "Super Bowl." Geesh. "Big Game" seems to be the most commonly used alternative. The NFL dropped the hammer on this over a decade ago but still feels the need to pop it's head in every year for a passive aggressive reminder to never mess with the machine.

Tags: NFL Las Vegas Super Bowl XLIX

Virginia apparently not messing when it comes to illegal poker

01.28.2015     11:20 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Man, Virginia sucks. Check out this story about a high stakes poker game raided by a guns blazing SWAT team. Because there were parties taking a cut from the buy-ins, local police deemed it a "criminal enterprise." Coupled with Virginia's harsh penalties on speeders, it doesn't sound like a very friendly place to live.

“They were all yelling, ‘Does anybody have a weapon?’ and ‘please don’t move’” at the seated players, the player said. “One pointed his assault rifle at me and said, ‘Hands up.’ And I can’t believe this is happening.”

There were no guns at the table, and no resistance, the player said. “They could’ve sent a retired detective with a clipboard and gotten the same result,” he added.

Tags: NFL Las Vegas Super Bowl XLIX

College Basketball Betting Free Play: Elon Phoenix at UNC-Wilmington Seahawks

01.28.2015     08:57 AM     Rob Veno     Printer Friendly

Submitted by Rob Veno blog entry.
Elon at UNC-Wilmington 
Recommendation: UNC-Wilmington

Very quietly, UNC-Wilmington has crept up on the Colonial Athletic Association field and planted themselves as a legitimate contender for the league crown. Road wins over conference upper echelon foes Northeastern and Hofstra combined with a near miss at William & Mary indicate UNCW may even be the best team in the CAA. The conference schedule played by Elon through eight games is a stark contrast as they’re opponents’ strength number are the league’s worst. Elon has not played a top four CAA team away from home yet and among their three road games are losses to 5-14 Drexel and 9-12 Towson. Tonight’s game figures to be one of quicker pace as these are the CAA’s top two offensive tempo teams (Elon #19 in the nation). Interesting to note that UNC-Wilmington owns slight statistical edges over Elon in numerous categories despite having played a much tougher conference schedule. The Seahawks upper-class trio of 6’4” seniors Freddie Jackson and Addison Spruill plus 6’1” junior PG Craig Ponder all average double digits in scoring while combining for nearly 16 rebounds per game. Elon meanwhile is led by 6’4” 225 lb. freshman PG Elijah Bryant who has taken over the team reins since star PG Luke Eddy went down with a season ending knee injury 11 games ago. Bryant’s dominance of the offense is exhibited by the fact that he is #1 in the nation in Ken Pomeroy’s % of Possessions Used statistic (40.2%) and #4 in % of shots taken (37.4%). Given the choice, I’ll side with the complimentary experienced home trio over the talented novice on the road. Power Ratings show this game at UNCW at -7.5 which expresses some value for the host and there are enough other fundamental reasons to back them tonight at this price.

Tags: College Basketball Elon Phoenix UNC-Wilmington Seahawks Rob Veno

College Basketball Gambling: Contrasting styles highlight Indiana vs. Purdue

01.28.2015     07:43 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Very intriguing handicap with Indiana's up-tempo, small ball attack headed to West Lafayette to take on recently defensive-minded Purdue. The Hoosiers are essentially play five perimeter players while the Boilermakers have the ability to put two 7-footers on the floor. Purdue has seen some play in the betting markets; up to as high as -4 after opening -2.5.

"This is probably the biggest extreme we will have, and the biggest extreme they will have in Big Ten play," Purdue's Painter said. "I think we'll both have to adjust."

"They don't have a lot of size, but with that being said, they're very quick to the ball," Painter said. "A lot of times that's more important than size — being quick to the basketball at both ends and being able to break you down. Their ability to break you down off the dribble just causes so many problems.

Tags: College Basketball Indiana Hoosiers Purdue Boilermakers

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: New England Patriots remain hottest bet in Las Vegas

01.28.2015     06:59 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
It's been well documented that the early money for Super Bowl XLXI has come in on the New England Patriots. But exactly how much you ask? According to Las Vegas' Westgate, the ratio is a startling 3.5-to-1. That said, less than 20% of projected handle is currently in play.

"It hasn't slowed people down as far as liking the Patriots -- they don't care," head oddsmaker Ed Salmons said. "That outside noise, trying to predict how it's going to affect a team, is impossible. Unless you're inside that locker room, you don't know."

Tags: NFL New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Las Vegas

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: Patriots likes to go off as less than field goal favorites

01.28.2015     06:47 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Oddsmakers aren't projecting enough money to push the New England Patriots to a 3-point favorite for Super Bowl XLIX. We've seen as high as -1.5 but nearly all of Las Vegas is currently offering -1 while pick 'em remains the most common offshore price.

Tags: NFL New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: The history of the Will There Be Three Straight Scores prop bet

01.27.2015     02:02 PM     Printer Friendly

One of many prop bets that always draws interest from bettors is Will There Be Three Straight Scores? We went back on got the results of every Super Bowl and found that three straight scores occurred 34 times (70.8%). There was a 22-year stretch where it occurred 20 times. It has also hit five out of the last six years. Most sportsbooks offer anywhere from -180 to -200 on the "yes" and +150 to +160 on the "no."

Super Bowl Betting Results - Three Straight Scores? 1967-2014
Three Straight Scores?
Seattle (+2) 48
Denver 6
Baltimore (+4) 34
San Francisco 31
NY Giants (+3) 21
New England 17
Green Bay (-3) 31
Pittsburgh 25
New Orleans (+4.5) 31
Indianapolis 17
Pittsburgh 27
Arizona (+6.5) 23
NY Giants (+12.5) 17
New England 14
Indianapolis (-7) 29
Chicago 17
Pittsburgh (-4) 21
Seattle 10
New England 24
Philadelphia (+7) 21
New England 32
Carolina (+7) 29
Tampa Bay (+4) 48
Oakland 21
New England (+14) 20
St. Louis 17
Baltimore (-3) 34
NY Giants 7
St. Louis (-7) 23
Tennessee 16
Denver (-7.5) 34
Atlanta 19
Denver (+11) 31
Green Bay 24
Green Bay (-14) 35
New England 21
Dallas 27
Pittsburgh (+13.5) 17
San Francisco (-18) 49
San Diego 26
Dallas (-10.5) 30
Buffalo 13
Dallas (-6.5) 52
Buffalo 17
Washington (-7) 37
Buffalo 24
NY Giants (+7) 20
Buffalo 19
San Francisco (-12) 55
Denver 10
San Francisco 20
Cincinnati (+7) 16
Washington (+3) 42
Denver 10
NY Giants (-9.5) 39
Denver 20
Chicago (-10) 46
New England 10
San Francisco (-3.5) 38
Miami 16
LA Raiders (+3) 38
Washington 9
Washington (+3) 27
Miami 17
San Francisco (PK) 26
Cincinnati 21
Oakland (+3) 27
Philadelphia 10
Pittsburgh (-10.5) 31
Los Angeles 19
Pittsburgh (-3.5) 35
Dallas 31
Dallas (-6) 27
Denver 10
Oakland (-4) 32
Minnesota 14
Pittsburgh 21
Dallas (+7) 17
Pittsburgh (-3) 16
Minnesota 6
Miami (-6.5) 24
Minnesota 7
Miami (+1.5) 14
Washington 7
Dallas (-6) 24
Miami 3
Baltimore (+2.5) 16
Dallas 13
Kansas City (+12) 23
Minnesota 7
NY Jets (+18) 16
Baltimore 7
Green Bay (-13.5) 33
Oakland 14
Green Bay (-14) 35
Kansas City 10

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: Offshore still rules the roost when it comes to prop bets

01.27.2015     01:47 PM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
If you're looking to bet some of the crazy props associated with the Super Bowl, you'll have to do so offshore. Las Vegas is still limited in what they can allow; basically anything not associated with the box score is a no-no with the exception of the coin flip. Meanwhile, most offshore/offscreen sportsbooks offers the likes of Bill Belichick's hoodie color as well as the Nielsen TV Rating.

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX Las Vegas

College Basketball Gambling: Bettors remain confident Florida will turn things around

01.27.2015     06:15 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
After opening SEC play 3-0, the Florida Gators have dropped three straight heading into tonight's game at Alabama. Head coach Billy Donovan isn't panicking but it's very clear this is a flawed club. Don't tell that to the betting markets however as the Gators continue to see heavy support.

at Georgia 
CRIS Opener: Florida pk 
CRIS Current: Florida -2

vs. LSU 
CRIS Opener: Florida -10 
CRIS Closer: Florida -11

at Ole Miss 
CRIS Opener: Florida +3.5 
CRIS Closer: Florida -1 (-115)

at Alabama 
CRIS Opener: Florida +2 
CRIS Current: Florida -1

Tags: College Basketball Florida Gators Alabama Crimson Tide SEC

College Basketball Betting Podcast 1-27-2015 with Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno

01.27.2015     10:02 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Tuesday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicapper Rob Veno. Rob and host Andrew Lange broke down tonight's college basketball card.

Today's segments 
Rob Veno - College Basketball

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: College Basketball Rob Veno Andrew Lange

College Basketball Betting Free Play: Pittsburgh Panthers at Virginia Tech Hokies

01.27.2015     06:57 AM     Andrew Lange     Printer Friendly

Submitted by Andrew Lange blog entry.
Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech +4.5 
Recommendation: Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech has endured a brutal scheduling stretch with Louisville, North Carolina, Notre Dame, and Virginia over the span of the last two weeks. They were handled rather easily in three of the four but showed some fight last time out with a three-point home loss to rival Virginia. Tonight, Pitt comes to town, and it marks a huge step down in class. The Panthers are still living on reputation because the product on the floor is very flawed. Long noted for being a top-tier defense, Pitt currently ranks 15th in the ACC in defensive efficiency vs. league foes. They also struggle to shoot from the outside (26.7% 3-point) and will almost assuredly see some form of zone from the Hokies. Nearly half of VT's games have been decided by three points or less meaning they are capable of competing but because of their youth have had a difficult time getting over the hump. This marks the best opportunity for an ACC win to-date and the bonus is we're catching +4.5. Take the home underdog.


Tags: College Basketball Pittsburgh Panthers Virginia Tech Hokies ACC Andrew Lange

Teddy Covers' Las Vegas Wiseguy Report: Bettors ready for Super Bowl XLIX

01.26.2015     10:49 AM     Teddy Covers     Printer Friendly

Submitted by Teddy Covers blog entry.
It’s Super Bowl time again.  I use this line every year because it’s true – this IS the moral equivalent of Christmas Day for many sports bettors.  Yet, much like last year, many of the professional full time bettors that I know are rather disappointed with the proposition betting opportunities for Super Bowl XLIX – there’s simply not much low hanging fruit.  The biggest and best sportsbooks (market leaders both here in Vegas and offshore) have learned from previous mistakes.  Weak numbers do NOT abound in 2015.

Let me start with the game itself.  The Super Bowl itself has been an underdog bettor’s paradise in recent years.   The Seahawks were underdogs at kickoff last year in their blowout win over the Broncos. The Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2013, as the underdog, beating the favored 49ers.  The Giants won the year before as an underdog; knocking off the Patriots.  In 2010, the Saints won straight up as a dog over Peyton Manning and the Colts.  In 2009, the Cardinals covered the spread in a tight loss to the Steelers.  In 2008, the Gia nts beat the favored 18-0 Patriots outright.  The only favorite to win and cover in the last seven Super Bowls was the Packers when they beat the Steelers in 2011.

The underdog trend in the Super Bowl goes back even further than that, with four consecutive dog covers from 2002 through 2005 (the Patriots beating the Rams in ’02, the Bucs destroying the Raiders in ’03 and spread covering losses from the Panthers and Eagles against the Patriots in ’04 and ’05).  Laying points with the favorite in this game has resulted in a 3-10 ATS mark in the last 13 Super Bowls.

In general, the VERY early money has been worth following in recent Super Bowls, although that was not the case last year.  Here’s the opening line from my Pre-Super Bowl Wiseguy Report from two years ago: “It’s no secret where the early money has come on the Super Bowl.  At the opening number, San Francisco was as high as a 5.5 point favorite offshore, with mostly -5’s here in Las Vegas.  But we’ve seen steady Baltimore money pour in since that time, driving the line down to the -3.5 or -4 range at every sportsbook in town.”  Obviously, that Ravens money came in on what turned out to be a ‘no sweat’ right side.

The very first bets being ‘spot-on’ is not unique to the 49ers-Ravens Super Bowl.  Three years ago, the underdog Giants took money off the opener, and then proceeded to knock off New England.  Four years ago, the Packers got bet heavily off the opener; then proceeded to become the only favorite to win and cover in the last seven years.  So last year, when the betting markets took Denver money hand-over-fist when the lines opened, it was the exception, rather than the rule.

Here’s exactly what happened when the Super Bowl lines were posted this year.   Several key books, both here in Las Vegas and offshore, had betting lines available during the two Conference Championship games.  After Seattle escaped with their win over Green Bay, the prevailing pointspread had the NFC favored by three points over the AFC, although there were a handful of -2.5’s available.

As New England pulled away from Indianapolis in the second half of the AFC Championship Game, the sharp money started pouring in on the Patriots.  In a matter of about twenty minutes of real time – as the Pats were going up 31-7, then 38-7 over Indy – the Super Bowl line dropped like a rock.  The +3’s got taken out in an instant and the Patriots money didn’t stop flowing until New England was a one point favorite here in Las Vegas, with pick ‘em’s as the prevailing number at many of the bigger offshore books. 

I’ve written about this subject before, but it’s worth discussing briefly again here – the concept of the ‘opening number.’  Sportsbetting has evolved fairly dramatically from the days when legendary Vegas oddsmaker Bob Martin hung the opening lines for the world; an era that ended about 30 years ago.  For a time, the Stardust Race and Sportsbook became the ‘line originators’, but that era, too, has come and gone.

For the better part of the last decade, the global markets are setting the line far more than any individual sportsbook or oddsmaker.  I’ve been using the 9 AM Monday morning ‘consensus’ line as my ‘opener’.   That’s why I wouldn’t argue if anyone called the opener for Super Bowl XLIX a pick ‘em even though that is technically not correct. 

Remember, those opening numbers on Sunday Night are designed to ‘whip the line into shape’ for the influx of money that comes in over the two full weeks of Super Bowl betting action.  Yes, the books took some limit bets on the Patriots as underdogs, but that liability is dwarfed by the liability they would have if their number remained vulnerable leading up to the big game.  The vast majority of the action that the books will write for this game comes in the final 48 hours before kickoff.  In this instance, by the time this line was widely available for bettors around the globe, Seattle was clearly no longer the favorite.

The Super Bowl total opened between 48.5 and 49.5 both here in Vegas and offshore, right in the same range as the Seahawks – Broncos total last year.  The early money has trickled in on the Under, with most books at 48 or 47.5 as Super Bowl week begins.

Of course, the pointspread itself is just one piece of the betting equation for the biggest NFL game of the year.  The other major piece of the equation is the plethora of proposition (“prop”) bets.   As Jay Kornegay opened his ‘market leading’ prop numbers at the Westgate Superbook at 7 PM last Thursday Night, there was a line at the prop betting window for hours.  Over the course of the evening, hundreds of bettors came in to take their shot at the virgin numbers.  And this wasn’t a testosterone filled mad rush to beat the Westgate.  Bettors were largely polite and festive, at least in part because there were so many props to choose from that it kept everybody busy!

There was plenty of ‘arbitrage’ betting; taking advantage of different posted numbers at different sportsbooks.  For example, the Westgate took money on ‘Russell Wilson Over 35.5 rushing yards’ largely because other books had posted a number on the other side of 40.  And, even without much ‘low hanging fruit’, there was no shortage of ‘opinion’ betting either, as those opening numbers got pounded into shape within the global betting marketplace.

I’ll give the Westgate props (pun intended) for being creative once again, and not just in the ‘James Harden points -110 vs. Shane Vereen rushing yards’ kind of way.  Even after all these years as market leaders; the Westgate is still putting up new and interesting props.  For example, they posted a ‘total yardage of all touchdowns combined’ prop.  The opener of 76.5 yards was quickly bet higher.  There was also a new ‘total yardage of all made field goals’ prop, which opened at 111.5.  And instead of the standard fare ‘will either team score three consecutive times’ Kornegay upped the ante with a ‘will either team score four consecutive times’ prop.  Anytime I see a sportsbook working hard to offer us new and interesting betting opportunities, it’s worthy of both mention and kudos!

Find me on Twitter @teddy_covers

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX Teddy Covers Las Vegas

Las Vegas sportsbooks gear up for Super Bowl XLXI

01.26.2015     10:43 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Our friends from The Vegas Parlay have compiled a nice list of all of the Las Vegas sportsbook Super XLIX parties. There’s everything from high-end group parties to $1 hot dogs.

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX Las Vegas

College Basketball Betting: Iowa State holds players-only pow-wow

01.26.2015     10:36 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Following Saturday's clunker at Texas Tech, Iowa State held a players-only meeting to ensure they get things right before playing host to Texas tonight. It was a classic letdown spot following wins over Kansas and Kansas State in Ames and an isolated road trip before returning home to face ranked Texas. The Cyclones mailed it in and paid for it with an embarrassing loss.

"It's about as angry a locker room as I've been in, especially since I've been here," said Jameel McKay after scoring nine points and grabbing 10 rebounds. "It was a very emotional locker room.

"We get amped up against Kansas, but when we play Texas Tech, it's not the same outcome," said Morris, who scored 20 points. "We saw 'Tech' across their jersey and took them for granted. That's all it was. They gave it their best shot."

Tags: College Basketball Iowa State Cyclones Texas Longhorns Texas Tech Red Raiders Big XII

Sports Betting Podcast 1-26-2015 with Sportsmemo Handicapper Teddy Covers

01.26.2015     09:42 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Monday's Sportsmemo Podcast featured Sportsmemo Handicapper and Teddy Covers. Teddy and host Andrew Lange talked Super Bowl XLIX and the NBA.

Today's segments 
Teddy Covers - Super Bowl XLIX and NBA

To listen to past shows, be sure to visit our Sportsmemo Podcast Homepage.

ITunes users can subscribe to the show by searching "Sportsmemo" in the podcast directory.

Tags: NBA NFL Teddy Covers Super Bowl XLIX

Are you sure legalized sports betting in the U.S. is ideal?

01.26.2015     08:39 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Do you think that point shaving occurs in college basketball? We'd be foolish to say no despite oddmakers' ability to police irregular betting patterns and more importantly, how difficult it is to keep things a secret in the "information age." Here we have a study that concludes that over the span of 16 years, 1 in 100 games was fixed. The profile, which seems somewhat arbitrary, claims favorites of 12 or more have shown a "unique" ability to fall just short of covering the spread. This of course is the most logical way to fix games; a favorite wins, but not by "too much." Studies like these, while flawed, are initially created to be "pro gambling" -- if we legalize it, point shaving will disappear. But we know better than that. Using the phrase "point shaving" does nothing more than provide the NFL and friends a reason to bring up every single sports bribery case that has ever occurred. It's regulated in the UK and there is a soccer scandal every other week! 

The other problem is outsiders assume that bettors want regulated gambling and that it will in turn eliminate the offshore/offscreen/credit/local bookie scene. Those who bet for a living know that isn't even close to being true. Are U.S. based sportsbooks going to offer the same amenities as highly respectable and experienced shops like Bookmaker or 5Dimes? If the U.S. truly wants to curb illegal sports betting, they have to offer a worthy product to not just the average gambler who doesn't worry about overnight lines and reduced juice but to bettors who seek more than some weekend “action.” Bet a 10 cent MLB game at 9 pm the night before or have your name, address, and credit card on file before you bet into a 20 cent line the day of the game? Let's not mince words here; legalized online gambling isn't going to be created with the winning bettor in mind. Like many hack offshore sportsbooks, the target audience will be the $50 bettor who could care less about juice or line value. That is how they'll make money which let's not forget is the only reason we're even discussing this. Go ahead and try to find a politician who uses "personal freedoms" as an angle. It ain't happening. This comes down to the ability to make money and like casinos, they see sports betting as a way to tax the general public without force. Come bet with us, you'll win! Even though you can go bet the same game at a better number offshore. The reality is, we're a long ways from being faced with that dilemma. In the end, it is easy for sports bettors to say yes to legalization but until we truly know what we’re getting into -- we’re talking about the government being put in charge of something, no? -- we remain pessimistic.

“Bettors like regulated legal betting,” he says. “It ensures you get paid if you win. It guarantees you don’t get your legs broken if you lose. In every case I know, regulated gambling competes unregulated gambling out of existence.”

Tags: NBA NFL Teddy Covers Super Bowl XLIX

College Basketball Handicapping: Syracuse's power rating continues to slide

01.26.2015     07:23 AM     Printer Friendly blog entry.
Anyone who bothers to do college basketball power ratings has steadily dropped Syracuse throughout the season. Ken Pom had the Orange 11th to start the season -- and rightfully so given their pedigree of finishing 4th through 16th each of the previous six seasons. But following Saturday's home loss to Miami, KP whacked the 'Cuse down to 71st. Sagarin is a little more friendly at 56th.

As pointed out on Friday's Sportsmemo Podcast, Syracuse’s ACC schedule has been extremely friendly and about to get far more difficult. Syracuse has faced one ACC team (Miami, 44th KP) in the KP top 100. They've yet to face North Carolina (tonight in Chapel Hill), Duke (twice), Louisville, Notre Dame, Virginia, and NC State. Combine their lackluster play and soft schedule and it should come as a shock to see tonight's double-digit price tag vs. the Tar Heels. What Syracuse has been able to do this season is perform as an underdog. They were +10 vs. Villanova and lost in overtime, +4.5 at Michigan and lost by three, and beat Iowa outright as +2.5 dogs.

Tags: College Basketball Syracuse Orange North Carolina Tar Heels

College Basketball Betting Free Play: TCU Horned Frogs at West Virginia Mountaineers

01.24.2015     08:26 AM     Andrew Lange     Printer Friendly

Submitted by Andrew Lange blog entry.
TCU at West Virginia -9.5 O/U 131.5 
Recommendation: Over

After hitting 145 points and 142 possessions, I see no reason we'll see that significant of change to the West Virginia-TCU rematch. The Mountaineers are a dead nuts over team having scored 72 or more in all but one conference game. The lone time they were held in check was last time out on the road against an elite Texas defense. But the one constant to WVU games is pace. They've topped 140 possessions in all five of their Big XII games. TCU is slow and has trouble scoring but keep in mind who they've faced. Outside of WVU, they played Kansas State, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Texas. Those four teams prefer a slower game and/or play really good defense. The Horned Frogs will have a difficult time controlling tempo in Morgantown as the Mountaineers will press and continually push the tempo. This is a situation where the home favorite is likely to help "pull along" the outclassed underdog. If West Virginia can score in the low 70's, we're in a good position to cash a ticket on the over.

Tags: College Basketball TCU Horned Frogs West Virginia Mountaineers Big XII Andrew Lange

Super Bowl XLIX Gambling: Westgate posts famed prop bets

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The Las Vegas Sun was kind enough to post all the Westgate's famed Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets. They were officially posted Thursday night but still plenty of opportunity for those willing to put in the work.

Tags: NFL Super Bowl XLIX

WATCH: Sportsmemo Handicapper Teddy Covers in Life On The Line

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With no football this weekend (the Pro Bowl doesn't count) and 200 college basketball games perhaps not your schtick you can sit back and watch the sports betting documentary Life On The Line for free. It features Sportsmemo Handicapper Teddy Covers as they discuss life as a sports bettor in Las Vegas.

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