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Posted by Iceman
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Sound right? Wished I could say I had more than just a few of them.

Reply by Iceman

Think I read somewhere before also that the last time teams played 3 straight games in the NBA they did very well ATS that season.

Reply by ER_Sports

Back in 1999, or the last lockout season teams playing b2b2b I believe were 36-28 ATS, and 28-36 SU. I'm surprised the teams are 6-0 ATS this year, but I wouldn't read too much into it. Interesting as the Hawks (and the Bulls somewhat) really tried to push the pace last night.

Reply by ER_Sports

Okie City tonight for those paying attention in a b2b2b...

Reply by Iceman

3 Games In 3 Days

In yet another battle of billionaires winning our over millionaires, the NBA finally came to its senses when it agreed to a new 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement December 2nd. As a result the 2011-12 NBA season is back on and with it abound a myriad of scheduling complexities.

Every team will play 48 conference games and 18 against opposing conference opponents. Forced to cram a 66-game compacted schedule into a shortened agenda, the league needed to schedule 42 back-to-back-to-back games.

As a result, half as many of the 84 overall 3-games in 3-days situations that were played from 1994-2001 (the last year the league abolished back-to-back-to-backs) are being served up this campaign.

Here is a breakdown of how teams performing in this NBA troika fared over the final 8-year span

Home Not So Sweet Home

NBA home teams in the last of a 3-games in 3-days scenario struggled mightily as the linemaker could not compensate enough.

That's confirmed by as 15-24 SU and 12-21-1 ATS mark in these games by the tired hosts.

Whether it was a case of too much home cooking or tired legs, home teams simply wore down in this three-day window.

Suitcase Success

A larger mistake made by the linemaker was overcompensating road teams in these back-to-back-to-backers.

How else do you explain a 16-19 SU and 24-8 ATS record when playing on the road in the last leg of 3-games in 3-days?

Better yet, when these 'tired travelers' were playing off a win they wanted more, going a sterling 15-3 ATS in this situation.

Over And Out

As might be expected, three games in three days met with an abundance of high scoring games.

Whether it was because of a lack of defense or an unassuming host, the 'OVERS' in these games was certainly the play, going 39-27-1.

There you have it. It's now 'trips to win' in more ways than one when it comes to cracking the mystery to back-to-back-to-back games in the NBA.

Reply by Iceman

Got that info from another site, not my write-up.

Reply by ihavequads

Thanks...good info...i guess with OKC covering tonight were at 7-0 ATS this year. Pretty sick run to start the year.

Reply by ER_Sports

Yes, the article points out the numbers, but typical doesn't make any sense with any sort of reasoning. T'Wolves tomorrow and Toronto On Wednesday...

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