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Posted by Ian Cameron
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Plenty of news in the CFL the last couple weeks as the offseason has arrived...

Former Hamilton QB Zach Collaros was traded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Hamilton made the obvious decision to go ahead with Jeremiah Masoli as their new #1 QB after he thrived in head coach June Jones offense in the second half of the season making Collaros and his big ticket contract expendable. Collaros won't be handed the starting job though as he will be competing with Brandon Bridge for the #1 QB spot in training camp next season with the Riders. Collaros had the promise of being an elite CFL QB 3-4 years ago but consistency and numerous injuries have plagued him in the last couple years with the Ticats. It will be interesting to see if a new setting gives him a fresh start in an attempt to reboot his career.

Another Hamilton note, they made made a contract offer to Johnny Manziel who according to his agent is looking for a deal equivalent to that of Zach Collaros (who is the highest paid QB in the CFL currently) which would be ludicrous for someone with no proven track record or history playing in the CFL so we'll see how that whole saga plays out.

Toronto has signed QB James Franklin who may be the heir apparent in the future to veteran QB Ricky Ray who likely will only play in the CFL for another year or two.

I'll update this tread in the coming weeks and months as more offseason news and player movement unfolds.

Reply by Drew Martin

Great thread Ian...

IMO the potential is there for Manziel to be worth the contract (Over a 1/2 million $ I believe).

But your right, no proven track record of success in the CFL.

In the past do "Stars" in the CFL sell tickets (Ricky Williams comes to mind) to the extent that revenue wise it could be worth it to sign Johnny Football regardless of his play on the field?

Reply by Ian Cameron

If Johnny Manziel plays in this league, he will absolutely generate money, interest, eyeballs and a ton of media personnel from south of the border likely coming north to cover his CFL tenure which to some may justify making him one of the highest paid players in the CFL to some but in my view, it all comes down to performance above all else. He had a brutal time of it in the NFL. He has zero experience playing in the CFL and the learning curve for QB's making the transition from American Football to the CFL isn't as easy as people think. If I'm any CFL team, I wait until I see performance and results from Manziel before even considering giving him a massive pay day. The general feeling from CFL insiders is teams are more likely to NOT pay him the big bucks immediately than that they will.

Reply by Ian Cameron

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