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Posted by griebe
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Still stinking it up hope someone has been going against me last week 3-5 12-21-1 for the year Utah +4 W AF +8 un57 WL NC State + 4 ov65 WL Duke pk l Bama ov55.5 L

FSU -7 Expect noles to keep improving on O with new QB D still very fast should match up well in this spot

Army -6 black nights playing well on O

NC State -11 drinking the Kool aid again really like Sate QB decision making D should stop Pitt

Michigan -6.5 Harbaugh as team ready to roll D excellent

AF -7.5 surprised to see this number drop good time for AF to come home and get needed win

Miami -5.5 GT no wins on the road in this spot Canes playing well

Texas +8 horn D has played well since opener can't explain the wheels coming off sooner d since Ohio State

okie ov 68 Pokes score plenty bears keep throwing and get some to

Lsu ov 43.5 short number any big plays turn overs get this total

ASU ov 55 missed this play 2 weeks ago home cooking late start huskies will score plenty

New Mexico ov 53.5 Lobo O very Capable D still average

Reply by griebe

Record.not quite as bad as posted 15-21-1. Going to add air force. Over 64

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