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Posted by fortunaught
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I am just wondering and hoping somebody might have an update on the whereabouts and well being of David Malinsky. He went missing over the weekend after going on a hike at Mt. Charleston in Vegas, and his car has been located but not yet his person. Hoping for any insight or updates anyone in the local community might have to offer. This would be a tremendous blow to a number of communities around the globe if he were not to emerge in full health. Please take a moment to hold good thoughts for his well being.

Reply by Alf M.

I talked to Red Rock search and rescue this morning, no news, as well as a few people have have talked to Dave's mom, no news a few hours ago either...

Reply by Drew Martin

Everyone I have talked with has no new news. Knowing how close Teddy and Dave are, he should be one of the first to have an update.

Reply by fsutomahawk

Wow that is awful news. Always loved listening and reading Dave's insight. Here is to hoping he reappears in good health.

Reply by Teddy_Covers

Tuesday Morning update:

No news is not good news -- it was very cold and windy in the mountains last night. We're still hoping that Dave has found his way to some safe shelter; choppers and drones should both be looking for him all day today.....

Reply by Teddy_Covers
Reply by Teddy_Covers
Reply by fortunaught

Thank you very much for the update Teddy. This is such a brutal time for everyone, and my heart goes out to all those lucky enough to have Dave as family and friend. Continued good thoughts are being held for his safe discovery. Today feels like it needs to be that day.

Reply by Ian Cameron

I first heard of Dave Malinsky and started listening to him way back in the late 1990's, early 2000's when he would appear weekly on Sunday mornings on a Toronto sports radio show called "Inside The Lines" which focused solely on sports betting. It really was way back in those days when the early seeds of the sports betting bug for me were being planted. Dave is one of the smartest and well spoken people and certainly handicappers/bettors I've ever heard. I was able to meet him and talk to him for a few minutes once at a Supercontest weekend event in Las Vegas at the Westgate years ago. Great bettor but even better person by all accounts.

Definitely will be keeping Dave and his family in my thoughts and prayers at this time. Hopefully he is found and will return home safely.

Reply by Teddy_Covers

Message from @MLandes18 "A search team for David Malinsky is meeting at the North Loop at 10 a.m. Anybody in the Las Vegas area who is able to join, please contact Mona ASAP at The North Loop is about an hour from the Valley, so time is of the essence."

Reply by Teddy_Covers

Note for those interested in joining the David Malinsky search this morning: This is at 10,000+ feet of elevation; conditions are cold and icy. A high level of fitness, along with proper gear, is necessary. Fortunately today it's sunny, and the wind has died down since yesterday.

Reply by Teddy_Covers

Matt Landes
@MLandes18 … - This is the single most important way to help right now in the search for #DavidMalinsky. Time is of the essence. No donation is too small. Sharing news of the GoFundMe to increase awareness is also greatly appreciated. #FindDavidMalinsky

Reply by redmon

Wow this is really sad.

Reply by Teddy_Covers
Reply by polarcat99

Im so sorry for the loss of "The Professor", Dave Malinsky. Tremendous listen, everyday on VSIN, I timed my walk to the car to coincide with Dave coming on at the bottom of the 2nd hr. First heard of Dave on Gabe's Sportsrage show 12yrs ago. He just came from angles that made you think. Teddy, Gabe others who knew the man, so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers to the Malinsky family. RIP "PROF"

Reply by Ian Cameron

The ability of Dave Malinsky to educate, inform and entertain people in many different topics: sports and sports betting of course but also food and restaurants, pop culture, biology, politics, music and so much more is something I will miss about him. He was encyclopedic and extremely well versed in many things. The fact that Dave Malinsky's passing has impacted multiple similar/common interest communities speaks to all the people that loved Dave and respected him. He will be missed.

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