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Posted by ER_Sports
Replies: 10

I'll be around for at least a few hours looking for opportunities on the Friday night card...

Reply by ER_Sports

Take no prisoners from the Heat, it seemed like last year they kind of came together on the road. Looks like similar situation and then some... 20-2 lead...

Reply by ER_Sports

We know the loss of Varejao for the Cavaliers is a killer in many ways. It's always important to look at who gets the minutes for the injured player. For the Cavaliers, Ryan Hollins is getting the minutes, or look up 'stiff' in the dictionary.

Reply by ER_Sports

Mavs playing real good D of late... Interesting watching them, Marion was guarding and shutting down Lawson last out against Denver. Tonight he opens up on the Sixers point guard Holiday. Of course, it's also an indictment on the quickness erosion of Kidd.

Reply by ER_Sports

.5 unit Kings/Pistons UNDER 97 2nd H

Reply by ER_Sports

Time to see if Lincanity can strike again, down 3 with 5.5 minutes left... It's insane how poor the rest of these Knicks can see the floor and hit the open man...

Reply by ER_Sports

ER_Sports wrote on Fri, 17 February 2012 19:05

It's insane how poor the rest of these Knicks can see the floor and hit the open man...

JR Smith will fit right in... Hopefully his family will quit fighting in the stands...

Reply by ER_Sports

No dice for Lincanity tonight... Stoudemire with a massive defensive breakdown on the biggest possession of the game. No shocker there, D'Antoni on the NEXT possession subbed Jeffries for Stoudemire on defense!

Reply by ER_Sports

Grant Hill's been taking the toughest defensive assignments for the Suns, and playing strong defense of late. Tonight, he's on Kobe, played pretty good D the first couple possessions.

Reply by Rob_Veno

Was at the Mavs-Sixers game tonight and thought HC Carlisle made an absolute brilliant coaching move that fueled the Dallas defense to allowing just 24 2H points. He put Shawn Marion on Philly spark plug Lou Williams and as soon as Williams touched the ball he ran a double team trap right at him. Williams grew very frustrated with his inability to get any nevermind clean looks. 76ers HC Collins totally outmanuvered as he tried and tried to increase the number of screens that Marion and then Dominique Jones had to run through. It was very clear that Collins wanted Williams freed up and with the basketball as the main scoring threat but Dallas stayed glued to him the entire 2H. Great denial defense off the ball by the Mavs forcing Iguodala, Young, Holliday and others to shoot. Philadelphia is so limited in true scoring threats and Carlisle took their one guy completely out of the game. Have to say that Kidd's off the ball defense still looks pretty quick to me and the team functions so well with him at the point. Carlisle got into some weird rotations in the 1H and at one or two points had 3 7 footers on the floor at once (Yi, Haywood, Dirk or Mahmini. Corrections were made and the Dallas 2H was outstanding. Vinsanity still has a quick burst when he wants to use it and his limited minutes should keep him fresh.

Reply by ER_Sports

Good stuff Rob! And congrats on another great night on the hardwood!

Carlisle is definitely great than Collins in game. IMO Collins has done great job getting his team to play hard and in preparing for a game, but his in game stuff can still get away from him against the better coaches.

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