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Posted by Brent_Crow
Replies: 13

Strange ending to UK-Louisville game.. Louisville gets ball back with 30 sec left, walks it up court, sets up offense, takes a shot with 8 on clock.. This was after not fouling Kentucky as they dribbled up the court the previous possession..
I've watched hundreds of games this year and this was the first time I have seen a team not foul down by 6 with less than a minute left, then basically give up with 30 seconds left.
Considering how KY had shot free throws, and this was the FINAL FOUR, I thought it was very strange indeed. I had no action on the side, but I'm sure lots of people holding tickets on both sides are shaking their heads.

Reply by AndrewL

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about Mr. Brent Crow.


Guy holding tickets on Louisville +8.5 and +9 and under 137

Reply by dr_boilermaker

I couldn't have written a better ending myself

Reply by nickmike

Blackshear's 3 cut a 9-point lead to six. It then looked like Louisville couldn't foul and Kentucky scored on a quick run out.

Now down 8 with 30 seconds to play Louisville looked like it "let go of the rope" and just walked it up and shot with 8 seconds left. Once Kentucky rebounded there was no sense in fouling.

Kentucky's free throw shooting in the last two minutes let Louisville bettors back in the game. Haha. The the three by Blackshear sealed the cover.

Reply by Teddy_Covers

nice and easy, never in doubt Wink

Pitino took the classy way out, instead of fouling down 15 with a minute to go, a la Baylor.

Reply by Rob_Veno

As one who played the under, I was definitely happy to see HC Pitino play for the cover and make sure Cardinal Nation cashed.

Reply by Teddy_Covers

And the 'real' college tradition: post victory riots! Those were fun in Ann Arbor in '89 and '92, but the cops were out in FORCE by the Fab Five's sophmore year in '93: 0096/1002/Post-game-celebration-turns-unruly-Lexington

Reply by collect-on-tuesday

They fouled down 11 with :10 seconds to go earlier this year against UK which along with the pair of 3's in the last 5 seconds helped to make it one of the worst bad beats this season
Teddy_Covers wrote on Sat, 31 March 2012 19:04

nice and easy, never in doubt Wink

Pitino took the classy way out, instead of fouling down 15 with a minute to go, a la Baylor.

Reply by dr_boilermaker

Another strange finish in the Ohio St game. Really good attempt by Craft to score at the end, but you have to be prepared to foul there, only down two. Still a chance to get into OT for sure. (Where's Evan Turner when you need him) I don't think Kansas was even in the double bonus were they?

Reply by nickmike

Kansas was in the double bonus. Taylor's two free throws in the last 9 seconds were two shots, not one-and-ones.

Still, a wild ending.

Good day of hoops.

Reply by Brent_Crow

I dont think Pitino called off the dogs.. It was more of a lack of recognition of time and score by his players.. Siva walking it up with 30 sec left was ridiculous.

I loved the ending of the KU game.. Picked up lots of +8 +9 +262 on KU on in game wagering in addition to my+3 for the game..

Kentucky has settled in at 6.5 after opening -5 at Pinny for about 30 seconds... The Andrew Lange tourney trend is Bet against Kansas first half, on Ku 2nd half...They are -6 in 1st half and +42 in 2nd half now... I think it holds up again here, at least in the first half... Bill Self, halftime genius, who knew?? Can he do it again vs Cal?

Reply by nickmike

I saw that graphic of Kansas first half to second half diversity by CBS... couldn't believe it.

Felt no way they were coming back after the first half they played. Would love to hear that Bill Self halftime dry-erase board session.

Has to be the defensive adjustments.

Reply by Rob_Veno

It's definitely the defensive effort on Kansas' end...if you've played them Under the total in the 2nd half every game during this tournament you are now 5-0 with none of the five being that close. Yesterday's 67 was 5.5 points under the 72.5 and no other Kansas 2nd half has exceeded 57 points.

Reply by benfranklinsports

I think you insult people's intelligence if you say Pitino didn't know what the spread was. They could have hit a 3 and fouled with still about 15-18 seconds certainly wasn't over at that point although it did look bleak (didn't have a dog in the fight). To make matters worse for college baskets during the week Pitino is "joking" that Calipari gets chauffaured by 7 State Police to a game and he gets chauffaured by 7 New York gumbas......hmmmm..........then you factor in all the legal troubles Pitino had stacked against him a few years ago that magiclly all went away, AND he keeps his job w/ a raise to boot...........hmmmm.....come on now college baskets already in trouble w/ the quality of play dropping, certainly don't need a scandal right about now. While I'm not in the conspiracy camp just yet I have been around long enough and been personally involved (at the lower/peon levels of moving $$ and answering phones) to know one thing for sure, YOU NEVER KNOW, but that was a bit on the blatent side............. try to make it a bit less obvious next time

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