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Posted by fortunaught
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I just wanted to take a moment to pass along a heartfelt thanks and wish best of luck in all future endeavors to Andrew, ER, and Marty as they venture on to new prospects. Your time here has been truly appreciated and invaluable to those of us who have been following and listening for years. I look forward to following all of you guys on your new platform, and am also interested to see how sportsmemo evolves as well. Life is all about change, and those most open to it and easily adaptable are those that thrive. Best of luck fellas, and thanks again for all that you've given and contributed here. All the best to you and yours. Cheers, Fortunaught.

Reply by whiterussian5728

Thank you fellas for all your hard work and dedication! It's hard to imagine Sportsmemo without Andrew, Erin, and Marty - however life goes on and there are excellent handicappers who will man the ship. From listening to Andrew and Erin on the podcast and following their professional advice, I've gained an immense amount of knowledge and insight. I am sure that many people who visit this website will say the same. Best of luck in your new venture, and will be looking forward to following you on the new platform!

Reply by AndrewL

I was under the impression no one listened! Kidding. Though I think that's why we were all able to pull it off -- just a couple of guys talking about betting.

Drew is going to take over hosting for Memo, I believe starting Monday.

I'll be hosting at my new gig.

Thanks again for your kind words. Really does mean a lot.

Reply by fsutomahawk

Is Sportsmemo basically becoming an extension of SBR now? I know there is a lot of crossover between the two, with Ian, Drew, and Teddy. Either way, good luck to Andrew and ER in their future endeavors. The pick selling business as a whole has a lot of lowlife people in it, but I never got that vibe from either one of those guys, which is what makes sportsmemo a great place, and sets it apart from other services. Hopefully it continues in that fashion.

Reply by polarcat99

No way dude, have been listening for a long time! All the way back to Tim Trushel. In an age where every tom, dick and harry have a podcast,
Most fade out without any reason why. Great Job, all the best boys we'll be here
Thanks Steve

Reply by mmurphy

Very sad to hear the news.

Going to miss Lange on the podcast. Been listening since 2008. As Andrew would say, "10 friggin' years."

All the best to each of you in your future endeavors.

Murph in Boston

Reply by redmon

Been listening since the Sirius satellite 2hr a day shows. Crazy. I listened several times a week since then. Going to miss every game on the board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick about that. Seriously! So much info. Good luck!!!


Reply by Rob_Veno

I think it's important to step in quick as a colleague & friend to say just how much Andrew, Erin & Marty meant to the Sportsmemo team...I'll miss working with Andrew on the podcasts, I felt like we had tremendous chemistry which hopefully came through to all of you who listen. Erin stepped in and righted the ship at a time when the ship could've sank which I will always appreciate. They were all great to work with and knowing them all personally, they're even better guys. Wish for nothing but the best for them with their new company, they'll be missed!

Reply by Ian Cameron

I owe ER and Andrew quite a bit for giving me my start in the industry as a handicapper here at Sportsmemo in 2012 which somehow is already 6 years ago which has in turn opened other doors for me over the years. Time flies!

They were great cappers and certainly were an integral part in this website's success over the years and I certainly join everyone else in wishing them all the best in their new endeavor! They will be missed around these parts.

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