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Posted by AndrewL
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AFC East
New England -700
Buffalo +600
NY Jets +2000
Miami +2500

AFC South
Houston +175
Tennessee +175
Jacksonville +230
Indianapolis +800

AFC North
Pittsburgh -275
Baltimore +350
Cincinnati +600
Cleveland +25000

AFC West
Kansas City -150
Denver +200
Oakland +500
LA Chargers +2800

NFC East
Philadelphia -200
Dallas +350
Washington +400
NY Giants +5000

NFC South
Atlanta +120
Carolina +175
Tampa Bay +500
New Orleans +700

NFC North
Green Bay -300
Detroit +400
Minnesota +500
Chicago +10000

NFC West
Seattle -300
LA Rams +400
Arizona +600
San Francisco +12500

Reply by billydd66

Is it possible for you to post this alongside the odds before the start of the season?

Reply by AndrewL


NFC East
Cowboys 5-4
Giants 11-4
Eagles 7-2
Redskins 9-2

NFC North
Packers 4-11
Vikings 7-2
Lions 6-1
Bears 50-1

NFC South
Falcons 8-5
Panthers 2-1
Bucs 4-1
Saints 4-1

NFC West
Seahawks 1-4
Cardinals 3-1
Rams 25-1
49ers 40-1

AFC East
Patriots 1-14
Dolphins 11-4
Bills 7-2
Jets 9-2

AFC North
Steelers 2-3
Ravens 11-4
Bengals 13-4
Browns 80-1

AFC South
Colts 9-4
Texans 9-4
Titans 2-1
Jaguars 5-1

AFC West
Raiders 9-5
Chiefs 2-1
Broncos 7-2
Chargers 4-1

Reply by dr_boilermaker

I'm guessing that is not accurate, but I would lay a years worth of mortgage payments on Rams 25-1

Reply by Teddy_Covers

Rams were widely available in the 20:1 range to win the NFC West over the summer.

Bengals at +600 worth a taste, IMHO. And, even at current #'s I'd rather have the Rams at 4:1 than any other bet in that division....

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