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Joe Raineri
  • Event: (475) Minnesota Vikings at (476) Seattle Seahawks
    Sport/League: NFL
    Date/Time: December 2, 2019 8PM EST
    Play: 4% – Minnesota Vikings 3.0 (-110)
    Play Rating: 4%
    Result: Loss

    So you might be hearing about how great the record of Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson is in primetime. Especially at home. Or you may be hearing about how terrible Cousins has been in primetime. The truth is, both things are true. However, the question should be, how much does any of that mean in tonight's game? The answer is ZERO!

    What Seattle has done in the past has absolutley ZERO to do with what will happen in this game tonight. In fact, I could make the argument that Seattle is completely over-valued in this spot because of what they have accomplished IN THE PAST. I could also make the argument that Kirk Cousins has certainly had his failures in prime time but what he's accomplished this year, nullifies those struggles. In fact, how many athletes have we seen have to fail before they turn it around and produce on the big stage. The kind of year Cousins is having this year is career defining. Every athlete has one of these years. Cousins is in the middle of his. I'm not about to stand in front of that.

    While CenturyLink Field has always had a reputation of being one of the toughest stadiums to play in, Seattle is just 1-5 ATS in their last six games at home. It's not the same advantage it use to be in the past.

    I would also caution people about the schedule of the Seahawks and to take a look at the teams they have beaten. Although they have nine wins this season they've played only five games against teams with a winning record; losing two games (against Baltimore and New Orleans) and winning the other three by a total of six points. 

    These two offenses are very similiar. They like to run the ball and are built to have success in the passing game by running the ball. The Vikings have the better RB and OL. They also have the better defense. The Vikings are holding teams to just 18.6 points per game (sixth-fewest in the league) and can defend against both the run and the pass. Seattle allows 23.9 ppg while giving up 268.7 passing yards per game (29th in the league) and 4.5 yards per carry (22nd).

    I know the Vikings defense has been lit up over the last few games but that's why the bye week is so crucial to them. It allowed them to regroup, refocus and get healthy. The Vikings understand that they need to keep pace with the Packers and they also understand that they have a QB that has proven he can rise to the challenge this year. 

    This game will be won in the trenches and the DL of the Vikings going up against the weak OL of the Seahawks is what will determine the winner of this game. The Seahawks have a backup center playing and they will have to deal with the 4th ranked Defense agains the run this year in the NFL. Seattle is in trouble if they become one dementional. 

    I have no problem taking points on the road, especially when they're being given to the better team. While Russell Wilson is GREAT, the VIKINGS team is better. 

    I'm betting the Vikings +3 and on the ML.