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Ben Burns
  • Event: (24145) Claudio Silva at (24146) James Krause
    Sport/League: MMA
    Date/Time: October 17, 2020 4PM EDT
    Play: 4% – James Krause -160
    Play Rating: 4%
    Result: Win

    I'm backing JAMES KRAUSE on Saturday night. Its true that Silva has an impressive record and also that Krause took this fight on relatively short notice. However, Krause is favored for good reason, in my opinion. As for taking the fight on short notice, as a coach, Krause is always training. He was actually planning to fight Silva several weeks earlier, too. But, he received a text from UFC saying that it was off and Silva would fight someone else, Muslim Salikhov. Then, for "undisclosed reasons" on Oct. 4th, it was back on. So, he'd had some time, previously, to think about Silva. Either way, Krause is coming in determined. Losing his last fight left a bad taste in his mouth and this is a fighter that will suit him well. I believe these guys will prove to be about equal on the ground, where they're both very capable, but that Krause will have a signifiant edge in the striking department. When on his feet, Silva comes forward and attempts to throw with a lot of power. He's aggresive. That'll make for a good fight but it'll also play in Krause's hands. I say Silva, now 38 years old, suffers the second loss of his career, his first in the UFC.