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Teddy Covers
  • Event: (513) Toronto Raptors at (514) Philadelphia 76ers
    Sport/League: NBA
    Date/Time: May 9, 2019 8PM EDT
    Play: 3% – Philadelphia 76ers 2.0 (-110)
    Play Rating: 3%
    Result: Win

     3%  Take Philadelphia (#514)

    I’m going to take my chances with the Sixers tonight, with Philly coming off their single worst game of the postseason and Toronto coming off their single best game.  It’s not like this series has been a mismatch when Joel Embiid has been healthy, but Embiid dealt with a nasty flu bug – diarrhea; the works – in each of the last two games.  He’s expected to be healthy tonight….

    A healthy, contributing Embiid is a difference maker for the Sixers.   Jimmy Butler gave us a nice ‘bet-on’ quote following the ugly Game 5 loss:  "Like I said before, we're going to ride or die with big fella. Everybody around this locker room knows that, everybody in the world should know it, the fans should know it. We'll be just fine, we're going to keep doing what we're doing, encouraging him to keep battling through all injury, through all sickness and we're here with him….. We just got to do what we're supposed to go home for. That's it. Keep competing, play hard, stick together. We win together, lose together, and we're going to play together.”

    Brett Brown had a pretty strong ‘bet-on’ quote as well: “We're excited to go back to Philadelphia.  "Nobody's walking out of here woe-is-me. I promise you that. We have a prideful team."

    Short chalk is not Toronto’s preferred ATS role.  As favorites of -4.5 or less, the Raptors are just 6-13 ATS this season, consistent money losers.  They’ve lost on this floor by 20+ points twice already this year.  And I’m not getting that same ‘bet-on Toronto’ feel from this Kyle Lowry quote following the Game 5 win, especially for a team that hasn’t exactly proven their mettle in terms of consistency in recent postseason runs:

    Lowry: “We needed for everyone to play well.  Not individually, but just more of a team, well-rounded game, when everyone played well, everyone played together, everyone worked. We felt good about ourselves……I don't think we had a game like this in a while. ... We needed that type of win, just for our team."  That was Game 5.  Expect Game 6 to be different…….Take the 76ers.

    Line Parameter: 3% at +2 or higher, 2% at +1.5 or lower