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Dr. Chuck
  • Event: (913) Los Angeles Angels at (914) Minnesota Twins
    Sport/League: MLB
    Date/Time: May 15, 2019 1PM EDT
    Play: 4% – Los Angeles Angels +132
    Play Rating: 4%
    Result: Loss

    Quick this fits several of my systems:

    1) System C fit with a dog off a loss facing a team on the road with a better record including other factors...but it is a May only system and 8-2 on the young month!

    2) Odorizzi is the exact type of fade machine I will ride until it kills me most likely.  As you know I'm overly analytical and believe that 1+1=2 and put 1 foot in front of the other, pants on 1 leg at a time like everyone else...and Jake Odorizzi is having a GLORIOUS season so far...proud of him...good shit...Twins look like a Rocco Baldelli miracle gonna give the Indians easy ride to the division year in year out fits starting earlier than we thought...but numbers don't lie!

    He leads the entire MLB in flyball rate and induces the fewest groundballs in the entire MLB.  Good for him...flyball pitchers are some of the best and most successful out there...but the imminent fade comes in with his 3.8% HR/FB rate!  Yep...that ain't no typo oddly....3.8%

    ERA= 2.32

    xFIP= 4.49

    This just CAN'T. KEEP. UP. 

    Maybe the day of reckoning for his back to earth is when he faces the offensive lineup who hits righties on the road the hardest in the league...over 46% of batted balls!  Odorizzi is a high walk pitcher and the Angels go for a 10% walk rate against righties while he struggles to get Ks and the Angels are BY FAR the best lineup at K rate...just 15.5%

    What value on a dog and might be a loooong day for Jake...ahem...short day