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Nick Borrman
  • Event: Japan (W) at Argentina (W)
    Sport/League: SOC
    Date/Time: June 10, 2019 12PM EDT
    Play: 3% – Japan (W) -2.5 (+106)
    Play Rating: 3%
    Result: Loss

    FIFA Womens World Cup

    Late jump today, this game kicks in an hour.

    It's impressive that Argentina even made it to the World Cup this year, let alone thinking they have any chance at competiting.  Japan has long been a strong contender on the womens pitch and Argentina, although a big name in the mens game, has a rather short history of limited success for the womens teams'.

    Coming into this WC, some telling games against other good competition shows the true story of Argentina.  0-3 loss against Australia, 0-2 against New Zealand, 0-5 against South Korea, 0-4 against Chile and 0-3 against Brazil.  Meanwhile, Japan drew 1-1 against Spain, 2-2 against Germany, lost 1-3 against France and 0-3 against England, but beat Brazil 3-1, drew 2-2 against USA and beat Norway 4-1.  They are the much more talented side and this game should be almost fully controlled by Japan.

    TAKE JAPAN -2.5