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Nick Borrman
  • Event: USA at Mexico
    Sport/League: SOC
    Date/Time: July 7, 2019 9PM EDT
    Play: 3% – USA at Mexico Total OVER 2.25 (+101)
    Play Rating: 3%
    Result: Loss

    Gold Cup Final

    Lot of history between these sides and when they meet in the final, there are usually fireworks and high-scoring games.  Both teams have faced lesser opposition all tournament and much of the tactics from those teams has been defense and counter.  Do no expect that in this game.  If either side wants to win, they must be aggresive.  Once that first goal is scored this game should open up even more.

    USA is out to prove that they are much improved after not qualifying for the World Cup last year.  Ultimately I think Mexico is still the better team and should win this game, but I think we are going to see many chances both ways here.