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Dr. Chuck
  • Event: (951) Philadelphia Phillies at (952) New York Mets
    Sport/League: MLB
    Date/Time: July 7, 2019 1PM EDT
    Play: 3% – New York Mets -102
    Play Rating: 3%
    Result: Loss

    Nola v. Wheeler

    The biggest aspect of this play is the funky nature of the line.  Sure Philly has Harper and the "better" pitcher and Nola has dominated the first 5 inning money, but Wheeler has actually been at least as good, just basically shut down the insanely HOT Yankee lineup at Citi Field last start out, and before that did the same to this Philly lineup on the road.  This might be why the money is on the Mets for the full game, following this aspect made me happy, as I LOVED the Mets when the line opened at regular -110 juice...opened bigger at Pinnacle, then dropped!

    Nola is a first 5 stud and likely holds his own the first 2 times through the lineup, but even that is in doubt as he drops so precipitously the second time through, losing 2 Ks per 9 and adding 2 BB per 9 while going up in FIP from around 3.00 to 4.50!  Wheeler, however, excels the second time through after facing opponents, dropping xFIP almost a point, ratcheting up his strikeouts, dropping his BB per 9 from 4 to 1, and allowing a .230 BA!

    The bargain basement prices we're being offered on Wheeler lately are too good to pass up, and being at home, and almost a DOG we can thank Aaron Nola, who likely gets pounded by McNeil and Alonso at some point in the middle of this game!