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Dr. Chuck
  • Event: (951) Houston Astros at (952) Texas Rangers
    Sport/League: MLB
    Date/Time: July 11, 2019 8PM EDT
    Play: 4% – (951) Houston Astros at (952) Texas Rangers 1H Total Under 6.0 (-110)
    Play Rating: 4%
    Result: Win

    Valdez v. Lynn

    Basically as simple as the first game off the matter how short it is it feels like vacation to the players and their routines.  Lynn has been stellar, and while he isn't as good as his public W/L and ERA , his metrics do stack up and back up to a decent degree his other stats.

    The Rangers offense on the other hand stands as the worst team facing LHP over the past 3 weeks!  It isn't all that close and that's with more than 200 PAs.  They're batting .196, with a .259 wOBA, and -11 wRAA with just 50 wRC+!

    Valdez is certainly << Lynn...but for a lineup on both teams mixed with guys still on vacation or who had to partake in the festivities...then play a day earlier than all other teams...the sluggish factor doesn't go to the starting pitcher!  

    Love the value at 6 for the first 5 innings...almost definitely feels like a slog on offense at least the first time through for each team...screams 1-1 if anything!


    Also if you can find an 11 for full game anywhere then jump onboard!  Excellent excellent value...both these lines are Vegas desperation due to the ALL eyes on this game nature of the night...and the public don't bet no Unders.