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JustBet Sportsbook and Casino offers top-quality sports wagering and casino betting services online and over the telephone to customers in over 56 countries around the world.

Easy to do business with, JustBet features fast and efficient online support by a truly professional customer service team. Whenever customers place their bets with JustBet, they can be assured of the highest standard of service in a totally secure environment.

The Company behind JustBet is one of the pioneers of the online sports wagering industry, tracing its roots back to the mid-1990's. JustBet.com possesses some of the sports wagering industry's most experienced and respected managers.

Our management team is comprised of a seasoned team of professionals who believe in the business principles of integrity and honor.

JustBet.com offers outstanding bonuses, popular promotions, a referral program and some of the biggest contests in the industry.


Established as one of the most stable stores in the marketplace servicing both the small and large better alike (minimum wager is $5 / maximum is $5,000). Known for their quality customer service and quick turnaround on payouts the Costa Rican joint has been doing their client right for over a decade.

Accuwager Rating: A-
Financial Rating: A
Customer Service: A
Bonus Rating: B+


Country Restrictions: None
New Account Bonuses: 20% Free-play
Deposit fees: covered on $300-plus
Loyalty Program: Yes
Web Site Performance: 99.9 percent

Sports Coverage

Football: A
Basketball: A
Baseball: A
Hockey: A-
Soccer: C
Tennis: B-
Golf: B
Boxing: C